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Wall fans

Professional or domestic environments - They both require good ventilation to ensure best possible usability of the room. A ventilator does not necessarily have to be a huge appliance, in fact there are plenty of space-saving options as well. Not much installation work is needed, because the fans are simply mounted to an existing opening in the wall. The low acquisition costs are another benefit of theses models. Our products are maintenance and intereference free, meaning a smooth operation is guaranteed at all times.


Application of wall fans

Our wall fans can be mounted in many different positions and existing installations such as ducts and windows, meaning you are not limited to walls on the house and in the rooms – You can simply work with what you already have. This also saves you the trouble of retroactive adjustments in the floor plan or installing an extensive pipe system. Furthermore, the fans can often be mounted in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal position, in some cases they even come with ceiling mount option. If required, different extras are available.

According to your specific needs we offer items that are designed for various purporses. Heavy duty wall fans for professional environments as well as outdoor and indoor wall fans for use at home are all part of our range. Models that can be placed in windows with the help of a special kit along with waterproof fans for small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens top off our line. That is why sometimes you might find a couple of fans from the “wall fans“ section in “window“ or “bathroom fans“ as well.

Our models‘ place of installation at a glance:

  • exterior and interior walls of old and new buildings
  • in shafts, pipes and windows
  • in small rooms and spaces without windows such as bathroom, WC, kitchen
  • some models can be used as exhaust hood
  • factory buildings, commercial environments
  • function rooms, gymns
  • school and office buildings

Your benefits:

  • simple mounting options, sometimes one bolt is all it takes
  • little space requirements, suitable for small rooms
  • existing openings can be used
  • high flow rate can be reached
  • safety through protective screens and shutters
  • durable, robust materials
  • certified brand quality
  • low noise level during operation
  • if required models with protective codes and accessories are available
  • reversible models for supply and exhaust air
  • great value for money

Features, airflow etc.

On the left hand side of our website you can filter for specific criteria that is relevant for you. At this point we would like to give you overview of the meaning behind each of the settings:

CasaFan, a German producer established in 1984, is a specialist for ventilation appliances and was one of creoven’s first suppliers. Italian producer Vortice looks back on more than 60 years of experience in production of fans and continuously extends the already comprehensive product range with new technology. A trusting relationship to our suppliers and plenty of experience with the products are some of our distinct features.

Total pressure:
Fans that are restricted by walls and ventilation ducts have to overcome flow and friction resistance with the pressure they create. In case of longer distances, e.g. in pipe systems, the airflow must not lose momentum halfway. Pre-installed cover flaps with flexible lamellas pose an obstacle for the airflow that can only be overcome with enough power created by the fan.
The more pressure a fan can create, the more powerful the flow rate will be. The specification about the total pressure that can be reached mechanically is named after Blaise Pascal who discovered the phenomenon. The corresponding unit of measure is called Pa. The interaction of these values is diagrammed in the characteristic curve. Centrifugal fans generally create more pressure than axial-flow models because they discharge the air in a concentrated airflow.

Running direction:
Fans with revese function have the ability to either suck in or blow out air. This feature is controlled with a wall switch. The reversion comes in handy if you want to use the same device to supply and extract air on the same wall opening in intervals.

Power in Watt:
Energy-saving fans for small spaces or a powerful model for a big room? Your existing architectural structures determine what performance your device needs to achieve. The required total pressure (Pa) is reflected in the energy consumption, nevertheless our products still have a good energy balance. The details about how much energy each model consumes is available in the item description.

Factory buildings and workshops generally need a larger transported quantity of air per hour for ventilation than a room in a private household for example. We have calculated an example that explains how the required air volume is determined.

Sound pressure:
Particularly in bedrooms, living and offices spaces the sound level of automatic ventilation systems should be kept as low as possible. We have compiled a text that gives you a better impression of the decibel data with common reference values (whispering, clock ticking etc.), read more about this subject here.

Protection code:
Fans with a special protection against splashing water, dust and accidental touch are a good choice in rooms with high humidity levels and vapour contents (kitchen) or professional environments such as production or agriculture.

Particularly if you are going to install a fan in a WC, bathroom or culinary establishment it is important to pay attention to protection codes. In our creoven shop we always state information about IP codes in the item descriptions.

Go here for more information about IP codes

Safety and design

Functional design and impressive quality speak in favour of our fans. The materials are easy to clean, dust and other debris can be removed within a matter of seconds. The synthetic materials are usually UV-resistant and do not become yellow, metals for example are made weatherproof with protective powder coatings. The front guards have a timeless, light colour so they do not seem like an obtrusive thing in your home. Quite the contrary: They are a discreet addition that does not attract too much attention. Robust models in industrial and commercial environments such as production facilities or cattle breeding etc. need to be able to withstand lubricating grease and debris. That is why they are finished in dark colours (black, grey) with coatings that prevent corrosion. A successful product design also includes comprehensible handling, easy access to all components and no further complications when replacing filters.

Safety also plays an important role: Bright red blades inside professional product ranges for example ensure that observers can recognise whether or not the fan is turned on. Furthermore, every wall fan is equipped with a guard on the inlet side, meaning that hands cannot accidentally get too close to the blades. We also offer automatic shutters in our shop.

Accessories and extras

Wall switches, parts required to regulate supply air and speed controllers – The extensive product range in our shop for accessories allows you to adapt the device to your personal needs. For example, we offer transformers from various brands that makes handling your fan system much easier. Offer five or even six fan speeds the operating speed can be varied and regulated to reach the speed you actually require. The ETID 400 V transformer can regulate several fans at once, even different fan versions can be controlled without a buzzing sound.

Cover flaps are a good option for fans that transport air directly to the outside or inside as it would be the case with systems mounted to windows or exterior walls. Newly constructed buildings are insulated much better than buildings that were erected, say, 15 years ago. That means there no permanent little openings and gaps in the housewalls. Automatic shutters react to outgoing air, the movement ofthe lamellae is regulated by the air pressure and partially reinforced by a spring. Manually adjustable shutters for an alternating supply and exhaust airflow can be controlled with a pull cord. The components of the shutters prevent dirt and particles that are naturally included in the incoming air from getting inside the house. Cold air can also not enter through the fan as the lamellae of the cover flap shut tight. Motor-operated shutters provide maximum security they open only if the power is on (the fan is operating). In order to ensure that the cover perfectly fits the opening in your wall and window, we offer different sizes and nominal widths. Bigger models are usually equipped with a solid centre bar for increased stability.

Our accessories and extras are easy to install, durable and available at a favourable price, the material of outdoor items are weatherproof! Each item description tells you specifically about compatibility with certain ventilation systems. If you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service!