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Ceiling fan without lighting

With or without lighting, a ceiling fan helps to optimise indoor climate and offers a refreshing cooling effect on hot days. In its basic version a ceiling fan without light is a direct successor of the early stages of indoor cooling several hundred years ago. Made popular in movies like Casablanca, ceiling fans without lights add that certain something to the interior and provide a unique atmosphere in any room.


Fan without light: The essential

Their reduction to the basic features of air circulation and cooling is what makes the ceiling fans without lights such a popular choice for offices, factories or commercially used premises. In spacious areas ventilators are mostly put up with the purpose of air circulation in summer and heat recovery in winter. A homelike ambience with atmospheric lighting is not required in environments that are predominantly used professionally. That is why most customers in these areas like to go without unnecessary light fittings. Economic reasons can be a factor too, the power consumption of fans without lamp is often lower than the consumption of ceiling fans with lights. For all those who dread any activities relating to DIY or people with a fear of heights the need to replace the bulbs can be another reason to opt for a fan without light.

Some prefer the plain and sober beauty of a simple ceiling fan without lighting in domestic environments or culinary establishments. A bright, dazzling ceiling light would not fit into a casually designed interior. A cosy atmosphere is provided by a dimmable standard lamp or single desk lamps without the need for a ceiling light fitting. In hotel lobbies and other reception rooms there already exists a central ceiling light in most cases, for example a large chandelier. Additional ceiling fan lights should not steal the thunder from elaborate fittings. We recommend a plain fan with a housing finished in the same or similar colour to the ceiling. The fans should be mounted in a safe distance to the ceiling lights (min. 30cm / 12“), furthermore they require their own power supply. The Toledo model is a great option for installation in corners as it can be mounted to ceilings and walls alike.

Types of ceiling fans without lighting feature

Extravagant fans:

No interruption by edges and sharp angles, these fans have a round shapes and curves.

The Blade fan even made it to the big screen

As the name implies: The EXTRAORDINAIRE

Colourful Soffio fan with PVC blades

Fans with a conventional design:

Other than devices with lights fans without lighting usually come with traditional housing designs and colours, and add that certain touch of nostalgia to the interior and exterior.

Roadhouse from the CasaFan range

Designer Tom Frampton about the Punkah

The classic: Savoy fan

Puristic ceiling fan without light:

Enthusiasts of clean-cut designs and ecologically-conscious materials will find much joy in ceiling fans with beautiful wooden elements and metals.

The light wooden finish of the Lantau is an eyecatcher.

The Stem with ravishing dark wooden blades.

Giant with low energy consumption: Big Smooth Eco

Eco and industrial fans:

In large factory buildings or hotel lobbies additional lighting is usually not desired. For that reason most industrial ceiling fans are constructed without any lights and possibility for add-on light kits.

Pure white: Eco Aviatos ceiling fan

Eco Neo consumes a maximum of 32 Watt.

Vourdries fan for industrial environments

Deckenventilator Palm Chocolate Brown

Phuket outdoor ceiling fan

TDA ceiling fan:

In large factory buildings or hotel lobbies additional lighting is usually not desired. For that reason most industrial ceiling fans are constructed without any lights and possibility for add-on light kits.

These fans have been designed for ensuring an even indoor temperature in factory or commercially used buildings. Elaborate decorative details are not added, their only purpose is functionality and ventilation.

Controllers for ceiling fans without light

Usually it is not important whether or not the ceiling fan has a light feature when it comes to the control module. In most cases the light is controlled individually from the fan speeds. Apart from the conventional pull cords there are different kinds of wall controllers, remote controls, step-down transformers or TDA systems. A universal remote control for ceiling fans with lighting can also be used for fans without light. In case of wall controllers however, there are different options without light switch. Wall controllers offer the additional benefit that there is no remote handset that might get lost or fall on the ground and break. If you do not want to miss out on the convenience of a portable remote control though, we recommend choosing a model that comes with a wall bracket for storage of the handset. The bracket can mounted e.g. next to the door so that every time you leave the room you put back the remote transmitter.

Add-on light kits for ceiling fans

You went to order the ceiling fan in summer when your living room didn’t need much light – and now that winter has come you realise that the room could do with a little more brightness? No problem, most ceiling fans without light nowadays have an option of adding a light kit at any later point. Some brands have introduced mix-and-match ranges, meaning you have more than one blade set or light kit to choose from. All cables and connections that might be needed later for add-ons are already integrated in the base version of the fan. A bottom cover in the same finish as the fan hides all power connections and prevents the fan looking from unfinished if mounted without lights. The Cyrus ceiling fan for example is delivered with a light kit and a bottom cover so that you can decide yourself if you want to put the fan up with the three-light fixture or without any light at all. The installation of these light kits is generally done easily within a matter of minutes.

Chic with and without light kit: Aerodynamix ceiling fan

Ceiling fan Cyrus, pictured with light kit

Ceiling fan Hugh Wet for damp locations