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Portable fans

Portable Fans from creoven, the Fan Specialists

Stay cool and comfortable wherever you are! Our portable fans come in a wide range of styles from floor stands to compact desktop fans, perfect for your bedside or workplace. We sell only high-quality fans from name-brand manufacturers. Our huge selection means we are able to offer fans designed for every type of décor to keep you comfortable in style. Our commercial fans are built to withstand challenging conditions and their available features include built-in protection against dust and splashing water. Shop our great range today for the best fans to meet your needs. At creoven, we provide excellent customer service and free UK shipping on all orders over £60 pounds.

Learn About Portable Fan Types

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans offer the advantage of being portable to allow you to easily reposition them to adjust to changing temperature or activities. These freestanding fans are designed with sturdy bases and stands that make them easy to move but difficult to tip over. Most our floor-standing models are adjustable in height thanks to a telescopic tube and can also be tilted to vary the angle of the airflow. This allows you to position the fan’s head at the most effective height while the fan stays out of the way on the floor rather needing to be placed on a table or counter.

We offer only top-quality fans to so that you can enjoy durable, quiet, and powerful fan performance for many years to come. Our range includes a broad variety of styles from sleek and modern to clever retro designs like the decorative Fanimation pedestal fans with wooden stands. Don’t miss the innovative and streamlined aluminium pedestal fan Charly (see picture), the winner of the 2016 iFDesign Award.

All of our pedestal fans have adjustable speeds to allow you to moderate the air flow from a gentle breeze to a powerfully refreshing current of air. Most models feature oscillation, meaning the fans automatically move their heads to provide more effective room air circulation. Our pedestal fans are designed for large rooms sized up to 50m2 where a maximum airflow of 6,000m3/h is a good alternative to ceiling fans. We also offer appliances for commercial and industrial environments like the CasaFan Speed2Protect which is rated IPX4 (max. 6,850 m3/h). This makes it ideal for production facilities and warehouses.

Tower Fans

Thanks to a space-saving vertical design, tower fans can provide great air circulation, even when space is limited. Tower fans feature a vertical exhaust opening that blows out air from top to bottom, with a control panel to provide various setting options. The tower fans in our range have clean, streamlined finishes that integrate well in both homes and offices. Their quiet operation means they can be placed wherever you need them, including right next to a desk or other workspace. For instance, the tower fan Airos Pin II is equipped with a tangential impeller that ensures a quiet performance. To make it easier for you to find your perfect fan, we provide the decibel values for each within the technical details. Additional available options for our tower fans include programmable cycle times and the integrated water tank with a mist setting provided by the CasaFan AIROS Cool.

Browse our selection and find the perfect fan for your needs. Our pedestal fans provide up to 1,020m3/h airflow making them suitable for all kinds of indoor applications.

Desk Fans

Ideal for offices, restaurants, your bedside table, and anywhere in between, desk fans provide plenty of power in a compact design. Add a bit of colour with one of our retro designs or select a more minimalist modern design. Our eye-catching fans can help brighten a room whilst keeping occupants comfortable. Pick from fans made with sustainable bamboo, shiny bright lacquers, bright silver finishes, or reminiscent of the iconic space-age jet engines. Vornado’s foldable mini fan Zippi is perfect for travelling to take a fresh breeze wherever you go. The Stratos B 500 scores with its clean lines and nod to classic mid-century designs.

The Vornado Vintage V provides powerful performance in an anything-but-ordinary exterior. Mid-century meets modern for lovely lines and finishes ready to complement a range of décor from classic bistro, to posh, to ultra-modern industrial.

Depending on dimensions and motor performance, desk fans can be used in rooms that are up to 40m2. Pay attention to the sound volume ratings to select fans best suited for quiet workspaces.

Wall-Mounted Fans

Free up your floor space with wall-mounted fans. These fans can be used to provide directional air flow and are great options in areas where there is limited space to place fans on the floor or atop furniture. This type of design can be particularly helpful in restaurant kitchens, pubs, factories, and other workspaces. These fans are designed to conceal the installation components to maintain the clean lines of your interior design. Fans include a variety of speeds and available options include adjustable head tilt and remote controls.

Wall-mounted versions are a great alternative to ceiling fans in hotels and reception rooms that are already equipped with chandeliers or elaborate light fixtures. Mounted within a reasonable distance to the window this decorative piece of technology can also aid the air exchange. If you can’t decide on what type of fan would work best for you or if your requirements vary during the year, we have the solution. Our 3-in-1 fans can be fixed to the wall, set up on a pedestal, or simply placed on a table, depending on your needs.

Floor Fans

We offer floor fans with surprisingly diverse designs. This elevates a simple everyday household item to an eye-catching design element in your home or office. These floor fans can also be placed on desks or worktables, as well. Powerful floor fans can help keep employees comfortable year-round even in industrial settings.

The fans all include variable speed settings and options include oscillating heads and timers. Many of our floor fans are equipped with features for vertical adjustment or individual tilt of the head. This allows you to target the airflow at corners or ceiling to provide a dynamic circulation of air inside the entire room. Certain models can even move the air in a 360° radius. Heat recovery during the colder season of the air is also possible with some models, please look out for the description “all-season“ in our detailed item page. Floor fans are perfect for indoor rooms with ca. 50m2 size.

Industrial Fans and Wind Machines

Just like the name suggests, these fans provide powerful air circulation for commercial and industrial applications. Wind machines are used for photography studios, in manufacturing and construction sites to speed drying, and other business settings. Wind machines generate an imposing airflow of 9,540m3/h (domestic appliance) and even 15,650m3/h (professional appliance). They must not be pointed directly at the user. If desired, he revolution speed can be reduced with the help of a step transformer that is also available in our shop. Wind machines for domestic environments can also be used in photography studios. The units are usually supplied with a long lead wire and can be transported from one place to another without further complications.

We hope this summary has provided you insight into the available portable fan range. Now, can you guess how much a fan can cool down the temperature inside the room? Find out in our guide.

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