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Industrial fan & Wind machine

Not all wind machines in our range look like practical industrial fans with an unappealing construction. With a slim pedestal foot and stylish design they combine functionality and aesthetics. But what is the difference between a normal portable fan or floor fan?


The airflow rate of industrial fans and wind machines is much higher. A domestic fan may achieve around 3,000 m3/h. This perfectly fine if you want a nice breeze in the summer. Wind machines however reach up to 15,650 m3/h. They are suitable for construction drying, machine cooling, industrial ventilation or photography studios. Due to the enhanced performance wind machines consume more power than conventional portable fans.

⮩ Wind machines are too powerful and expensive for use at home. We recommend floor and pedestal fans for domestic environments.

Don’t try this at home

If you are looking to use the wind machine outdoors or in damp rooms, opt for a model with at least IP44 protection rating.

Useful features to look out for

  • Oscillation
  • Cable reel
  • Adjustable height, tiltable
  • IP44 protection or higher
  • Mounting options, e.g. suspension from ceiling
  • Easy to transport: wheels, carrying handle
  • Long lead wire
  • Steady, tilt-resistant base to prevent tipping over

The strongest industrial fan by CasaFan achieves an airflow of 15,650 m3/h with a power consumption of only 123 Watts.

Industrial fan / wind machine DF800 Highflow

Effects with waving flags, textiles, scarfs, etc. are important in the sector of lifestyle and fashion photography. A light breeze adds movement to textiles and hair, a strong wind lifts up objects (flowers, balloons, confetti) or make fabric hug the model’s body nicely. A fan blowing from the ground towards the ceiling makes props fly. The fan must have a tiltable head for this.

Some wind machines only have 2 speed levels. Use the CasaFan step transformer to get 5 individual speeds which makes it a lot easier to match the airflow to your current requirements.

Tip: Look out for all specifications regarding the noise level (dB(A)). Set up in the wrong place a loud fan impacts work performance and makes communication harder.