Lamps of all kinds for low prices

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Our shop has everything you need when looking for light bulbs, no matter if you want to equip your ceiling light or the light fixture of your ceiling fan. Our product range also includes energy-saving bulbs.

Saving energy with our light bulbs

Another focus of our range lies on state-of-the-art LED lamps. LED lamps with a dimming feature have become very popular choice. They consume less energy, can be individually adjusted to the required amount of lighting and offer outstanding durability. Models made by the well-known Westinghouse brand for example offer up 25,000 hours life and are rated as energy efficiency class A+. Their warm white light colour appears pleasant and cosy. Generally all our products are characterised by durability and high quality.

If you have any questions...

We are happy to help you out if you are unsure which type lamp is right for you.