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Ceiling fan for rooms with low ceiling

Generally ceiling fans have a distance of 30 to 40cm from the ceiling to the blades, add-on light kits further increase the overall size from top to bottom. In this category we offer special fans with a slim design with and without lights for rooms with low ceilings.


Ceiling height

In old buildings a ceiling height of 3m (9ft) and more were not uncommon, but today the average has been lowered to about 2.4m (7.8ft). This gives space for more accommodation units and allows for energy savings. The logic behind this decision is simple yet signification from an ecological point of view: Less heating is needed. Generally people do not tend to dwell within the upper third of the room. In fact, high ceilings are rather problematic. Particularly in the winter when the heat escapes the room.


Use our slim ceiling fans in rooms with low ceiling. Some models can be mounted to slopes to ensure even the smallest of rooms are used to their full potential. Our tip: Low ceilings with bright, pastel colours give a more open and airy impression. Fans with a white finish and light-coloured blades are a good choice.

Slim ceiling fans and hugger-mount fans

To prevent any disturbance with a ceiling height below 2.4m (7.8ft) brands in our range offer slim ceiling fans. They are available in a variety of designs, colours and shapes. There is still a lot of room for customisation, for example by leaving out the ceiling rod. The CasaFan ceiling fan Nightflight only measures about 23cm (9in) from top to bottom when mounted without the rod. This allows tall people to use ceiling fans in low-ceilinged rooms without any problems.

Small ceiling fans are equipped with a short drop rod or come with a hugger style mount: The motor housing of hugger fans is attached directly to the ceiling, there is no rod to create space between ceiling and fan. Remote control receivers that are usually inserted into the ceiling mount can sometimes be installed inside hugger fans too, this specific information is available in the item description. As the motor is in direct contact with the ceiling, it can sometimes happen that there will be a resonance sound, a loud buzzing or humming noise. There is a simple solution for this: Simply insert a bit of foam rubber, felt or even small pieces of carpet between the mounting bracket and the ceiling to dampen the vibration of the motor. This inlay prevents the vibration from transferring to the ceiling material and resulting in a loud noise.

Application of slim ceiling fans

The use of slim ceiling fans is a good compromise if not much space is available due to low ceilings. Ceiling fans display their efficiency best when there is sufficient space between the ceiling and the blades to ensure a good air intake. The distance from the blades to the ceiling is generally lower with this particular type of ceiling fan, so inevitably there is a slight loss of effect. The incoming air meets more resistance due to the compact design. For that reason slim fans are rarely used in industrial environments. Still, these models are engineered to achieve enough airflow to provide cooling and heat recovery in the room. They are great option for indoor use in all living and working spaces. They also ventilate off-set areas like the gap above a loft bed, some are even suitable for inclined ceiling installation. Models that can be mounted to sloping ceilings have a distinct semi-circular ceiling mount. The fans are mounted with a ball joint that evens out the inclination. When operating the fan with a remote control the maximum permissable ceiling slope that it can be mounted to decreases. All of these technical details are available in our product descriptions.

The versatile energy-saving ceiling fan Just Fan from the Faro range is supplied with three different drop rods in various sizes. That means even after years of operating in a room with high ceiling as you commonly find in old buildings, the fan can be adapted to a lower height when moving to premises with smaller dimensions. Design, functionality and energy consumption are also important factors that need to be considered. Small ceiling fans also come with a variety of special features like light dimming, several rotation speeds, reversible blades and whisper quiet operation.

The ceiling fan reversing function saves heating costs

Heat recovery and light kits despite low ceiling

Warm air is lighter than cold air and rises upwards to the ceiling. In the summer rooms with low ceiling heat up quickly because the warm air cannot escape easily. The cooling effect of a fan is very welcome in these spaces. Low rooms have the advantage that air from the ceiling can be forced down to the ground much quicker for the purpose of heat recovery in the winter, the distance that needs to be covered is shorter. The rotation of the fan begins to move and recirculate warm air beneath the ceiling. The warmth is mixed with the cold air on the ground until a uniform room temperature is achieved. Through this process the lower seating area becomes warmer without the need to feed the fireplace or turn up the radiator.

Another much appreciated feature of ceiling fans is the light kit. Bell-bottomed lamp shades might not necessarily be the best choice for low-ceilinged rooms, but that does not mean at all that you cannot have a light on your fan. However, slim LED lights and even individually adjustable spots are definitely an option. The overall design does not have to be plain and flat, there is actually a huge selection of add-on light kits for small ceiling fans. Many brands offer adaptable light kits for their low room models within the scope of their mix-and-match product ranges. They are just as easy to install as the fan itself. The only thing to pay heed to is the additional space from ceiling to bottom of the whole device, as the selected light kit will add more size.

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