Humidifiers – no more dry air

High-quality humidifiers for better indoor air

Dry air is generated if the house is not ventilated enough and the radiator is always on, which happens particularly during winter. This unhealthy atmosphere attacks the mucosa and makes us prone to the flu and cold. That is why there should always be a certain level of humidity in the air. A functional humidifier is able to ensure a comfortable indoor climate – provided it is cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent germs.

Different types of humidifiers

The passive humidifier
So-called passive humidifiers are exceptionally economical because they do not rely on electricity. They are mounted to the radiator and filled with water. Due to the warm air the radiator emits the water vapour can spread throughout the entire room. Large spaces require several humidifying appliances.

The electric humidifier
The water is dispensed in the room by a filter while using a minimum of power. Most appliances are equipped with a sensor to prevent excessive humidifying.

The evaporator
Though this innovative humidifier requires some energy, it delivers impressive results. Germs and bacteria are killed by the evaporation, meaning the air is always clean. In households with hard water it is important to descale the appliance frequently to ensure satisfactory operation.

New technologies
There are humidifiers that dispense chilled humid air by using high-frequency ultrasound technology. Some devices feature precise control over humidity levels. There are even models that come with a convenient remote control that lets users choose from various settings and output levels. Automatic shut-off in case of empty water tanks and overload protection are just a few more benefits our first-rate appliances have to offer. Take a look at our range and find the ideal humidifier to suit your requirements.