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Fireplaces and sources of warmth have been bringing people together since the beginning of time. They make a simple space cosy and welcoming. Now electric heaters are making this comfortable heat possible at the touch of a button in both indoor and outdoor locations.

We offer two product categories of electric heaters: Infrared heaters and fan heaters. These options provide the perfect solution, no matter where you need added heat. Our portable fan heaters can easily be relocated where needed to provide convenient, economical heating. Our infrared heaters are energy-efficient, as well, and come in a range of styles designed for everything from home use, to outdoor settings, to industrial sites. Infrared fans are particularly popular for patios and other outdoor spaces and inside bars, restaurants, and other businesses. They also provide the ideal heating option for construction sites. If you are planning on purchasing a heater for outdoor use, be sure to check product specifications and select an infrared heater.


  • Benefits of electrical heating appliances
  • Fast assembly, fast heat!
  • Infrared heaters – Choosing the right model
  • Possible fields of application for infrared heaters
  • Possibilities with electric fan heaters

Whether an electric fan heater or an infrared heater is more suitable for you – We offer the right product for all special requirements. For your own home it makes sense to acquire at least a spare device in case your radiator fails or is not sufficient enough. Take a look around our shop or select your requirements in the search filters. We aim to support your selection process as much as possible with our service!

Benefits of electrical heaters

  • Little to no expenses for installation; device is ready to use immediately after delivery
  • Heat without energy loss
  • very efficient
  • many possible fields of application in different locations
  • targeted consumption
  • very economical
  • many devices with timer or remote control
  • ideal support for central heating
  • international protection classes
  • very safe
  • long service life guaranteed and mantenance-free to some extend
  • allows sustainable heating

Fast assembly, fast heat! Our infrared heaters

What could be better than to sit outside in the evening, long after the sun has gone down, to look at the stars together with good friends and simply allow yourself to lose track of time. Maybe a glass of wine is involved, but one thing certainly is a must: comforting warmth. This fantasy is therefore unthinkable without a powerful source of heat. An infrared heater creates a atmospheric mood in no time at all on your patio.

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Infrared heaters – Choosing the right model

Conventional heaters warm up a room with the help of mediums such as water or air, until we humans finally get warm, too. An infrared heater simply skips this step. It is heated by electric current and then radiates high temperatures in waves. Infrared radiation, also called IR radiation, is defined by wavelength. We offer three different types of electric heaters that are distinguished by the type of the tube that is used. Near wavelength IR-A radiation, medium wavelength IR-B radiation and far wavelength IR-C radiation.

Halogen quartz heaters (IR-A)

  • Near wavelength radiation
  • Immediate transfer from heat to surface and body
  • Ideal for passage ways with draught
  • Radiation penetrates skin up to 5 millimetres deep

Near wavelength radiation immediately gives off heating energy once it strikes surfaces and bodies, the heat that is created cannot evaporate before, because there is no need for a transmission medium. Thus, a human experiences warmth even though the actual temperature of the air is much lower. For that reason near wavelength heaters are a particularly good choice for passage ways with draught, or can be applied in outdoor areas with weather conditions such as wind and rain. Indoors, you will not feel cold with one of these models, even when your windows are wide open. This radiation penetrates the skin with a depth of up to 5 millimetres and warms up the lower layers at once. Therefore you should not be looking directly at the heater for longer periods.

Carbone and quartz heaters (IR-B)

  • Mid wavelength radiation
  • Low risks of getting burned
  • Radiation penetrates the skin up to 2 millimetres deep

Mid wavelength radiation heats up the body in a much more superficial ways, because it penetrates the skin only as deep as 2 millimetres. That means it does not reach the hypoderm, so the risks of getting burned in case of misuse is relatively low. Mid wavelength heaters mostly give off warmth (instead of light) and are a popular choice for cattle breeding.

Dark radiators or Blacklight (IR-C)

  • Far wavelength radiation
  • Pleasant feeling on the skin
  • Ideal for sensitive skin types
  • Radiation warms up the surface of the skin

Far wavelength Blacklight heaters do not penetrate the skin, they only heat up its surface and, partially, the ambient air. This is very beneficial for sensitive, light skin types, because there is no risk of unwanted burns of the hypoderm at all. The threat of potential loss of heat in case of an incoming breeze of air is more present with these infrared heaters. It can also take a bit longer until the feeling of warmth can be perceived. However, these gentle heaters pose no danger of making you feel like you are sweating in a sauna.

Find even more information about infrared heaters here.

Possible fields of application for infrared heaters

By using innovative infrared technology it is sufficient to use the heater only for a couple of moments. This is energy efficient and economically effective. The heat is applied targeted and there is no loss of heat through circulation of air.

In commercial sectors there are many possible fields of application for outdoor infrared heaters: How many hungry people out taking a walk prefer to visit a street café that is not as easy to reach when they know there will be heaters present? Guests can feel comfortable here – and that attracts even more visitors. Smokers in outdoor areas of the popular club will appreciate your investment – and gladly come back. In the end, as decorative as colourful blankets on benches and porch swings may be, they rarely provide sufficient warmth.

The manufacturers work with customer satisfaction in mind: The Combi Sun LHS even has integrated loudspeakers and halogen light. The weather-proof model Stiluovo has a small integrated table – and therefore doubles as a stand on the Christmas market, for example.

Our range also offers devices that can be placed on the ground such as the powerful IR CasaTherm heater for construction sites and factory buildings. These models with a performance of at least 2000 Watt are most efficient in workshops, stables and production halls. Conventional heaters would have no effect on the huge amount of cubic metres that would need to be heated.

Smaller heaters for use in private household have been proven to be efficient for short-term use above changing tables and in bathrooms. Another benefit when using the appliances indoors is that the air will become as dry, because there is neither air circulation nor dust that is swirled around by air movements – ideal for people with allergies!

Another plus is that the heaters are quite mobile. They can be used exactly where they are needed and can be dismantled in no time. If required, they can also be permanently fixed to a surface with just a few steps. The heating elements inside the devices are protected from over-heating, dust and accidental contact. For more challenging requirements we also offer models that are protected agains harsh conditions such as rain, snow or even short-term submission into water in accordance with international laws.

Our product range includes everything from space-saving infrared heaters for bathrooms to high-performance device for large scale operation. Naturally, our shop also has a large number of accessories like replacement tubes and mounting kits for indoor and outdoor areas.

Possibilities with electric fan heaters

Benefits of fan heaters:

  • Air distribution even into far corners of the room
  • Can also be used for ventilation and coling in summer
  • Less vapour and condensation on surfaces
  • Efficient in smaller rooms

Possible fields of application for fan heaters:

  • Living quarters
  • Bathroom
  • Conservatory
  • Cellar
  • Attic
  • Carport/garage
  • Foyer
  • Factory buildings
  • Construction sites

A very own paradise at home – no matter the weather and room size – is just one step away. There is virtually no limit for the application of electric fan heaters. After a walk outside on a stormy evening it acts as a replacement for a fireplace. And you will receive a feeling of luxury and extravagancy right out of the plug socket. Or you are using it to support your radiator until the desired temperature is reached.

Surely you do not feel like waiting until the radiator has finally warmed up the entire bathroom. Help it get going and enjoy your well-deserved bath even sooner. The new generation of heaters is generally very quiet, so you will not be disturbed when finishing reading your favourite novel. Plus, they come in such amazing designs that they double as room decoration. There are fan heaters with a focus on elegant, subtle design as well as bubbly, happy colours, so they are sure to match your style. Even mini models have been constructed, taking up less space than a shoe box.

Rooms that are not used frequently and therefore lack a certain basic heat quickly become more comfortable with a fan heater. You probably know the follow situation: You are hugging yourself desperately trying to keep warm, with stiff movements you are walking around the attic, because it needs to be tidied up and re-organised. It is cold and uncomfortable. You have dreaded this day for a long time. With an electric fan heater you can calmly look forward to occasions like this one. It literally produces hot air in all rooms that do not possess a fixed radiator. Use it at the next party in the garage, when working on your car at the carport or when you are in the cellar sorting out your summer clothes and retrieving your winter attire. Also consider application in the holiday home or conservatory. Soon, you will not want to miss your heater ever again.

Fan heaters are also perfectly suitable for use in public areas, such as foyers or aisles in shops. What a wonderful feeling it is to enter a warm store from the cold street. Warmth makes us relax immediately and let us feel at home. Devices for use in industrial sectors, e.g. incoming goods departments have a higher performance, they even can be used on construction sites to dry mortar etc. They are ready for use right after they have been delivered, they require neither installation nor special precautionary measures. A simple connection to the power supply or an extension cable are enough to heat up the room to the desired temperature within a matter of minutes.

Additional extras like switches for selecting a certain temperature allows you to constantly maintain a certain room temperature and even create an even warmth in the entire room. Devices with different levels and remote control make the use as easy and comfortable as possible. And during summer more complex appliances like the Stadler Form Paul can also be used like a fan to provide cooling and ventilation, offering you double the benefits.

The quality grades of our brand good ensure a long service life. Safety and quality are always our main focus. Control lamps, integrated protection from overheating and automated shutdown in case the device falls over guarantee use without any dangers. Even more simple devices are equipped with e.g. temperature control and safety switch. An exact presentation of equipment and technical data of our branded articles is given in each item description.

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