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Pedestal fans – a cool breeze whenever you want

Summer is just around the corner and you want to prepare? Our portable fans include tower fans and classic pedestal fans with an adjustable centre rod and propeller. Some models even include a misting feature with fine water mist.


Use of pedestal fans

On hot days our free-standing fans are the ideal solution. They provide a pleasant cool breeze, come in a variety of appealing designs and are easy to use. Pedestal fans are furthermore suitable for use in bars, offices or simply at home. Contrary to desk fans they don’t take up space on tables or shelves and easily reach people sitting down or standing up.

In our shop we offer pedestal fans in a classic design as well as designer objects. Whether you prefer a retro-style look or robust metal version, you will find the right product in our product line.

Why pedestal fans?

  • Combines appealing design with utility value
  • Cooling when and where you need it
  • Timer, oscillation and adjustable angle (depending on the model)
  • Low power consumption
  • Humidifying and misting features
  • Some models with remote control

Even the use in winter for an even recirculation of heat is generally made possible with pedestal and tower fans. You will find the note “use year-round” in the item description. We recommend Vornado fans if you are looking to circulate air in the entire room.

Six kinds of pedestal fans

Tower fan

Wind machines and pedestal fans for photography studios, factories and sales floors

Small pedestal fans for floors or drawers

Pedestal fan with misting function

Convertible units: pedestal fan, desk fan and wall fan all-in-one

Home indoor portable fan with protective grille

Comparison pedestal fan and tower fan

Airflow rate and functions are quite similar for both pedestal fans and tower fans. Only the industrial-rated wind machines make for a special subtype since they are not suitable for use in domestic environments due to their powerful performance and noise levels. In turn, standard pedestal fans and tower fans are not recommended in professional environments since they usually don’t have what it takes to perform well in factories etc.

Pedestal fans with a telescope bar are adjustable in height, some models can even be tilted vertically. These products for indoor use at home (without IP protection ratings) are able to cover an area of up to 50 m2. Their protective grille however tends to take up quite a bit of space, particularly when the oscillating (swiveling) feature is activated. The wide pedestal foot or wooden tripod is not suitable for every home. It is best if the pedestal fan has some free space so that it can operate and look as best as possible.

Tower fans have a rather slender construction so that they can be put in an unused corner of the room. The appealing modern designs make them a stylish addition to the interior. Tower fans feature a long vertical air roll that blows out air throughout the entire length of the front grille. The airflow of tower fans can reach up to 21 metres length.

The height of a tower fan is not adjustable due to the fixed housing. However, they can still provide oscillation. Some tower fans also incorporate a water tank for a cooling mist.

Rechargeable technology

The energy-saving DC motor fan Silence Stratos with rechargeable battery has 6 different speeds.

Small table and tower fans can be positioned on all flat surfaces. A mini version is transported faster than a large appliance and stored away easier. Lead wires of table fans can be hidden by shelves etc. and don’t lie on the floor. In the winter it is easier to store them in cupboards or the attic.

In the end, it also comes down to your preferred taste and purpose. Do you want to set up the fan on a desk or shelf in summer? Or do you need a powerful fan that will be used all the year round?

Thanks to adjustable intensity our portable fans let you choose the right amount of airflow. Depending on which rotation speed the fan is running on, it can be used at home in the living room or in the factory next to the assembly line. Industrial-rated pedestal fans (wind machines) have a special ingress rating that determines protection against water and dust. They are very powerful and not suitable for use at home. Fans in the living room and bedroom need to be very quiet. No matter if you are going for a traditional pedestal fan or contemporary tower fan, the noise level should not exceed 50 dB(A). During nighttime users usually choose the lowest speed setting, which reduces the noise level even further.

Special models in our shop

Fan with misting function

Some of our fans come with an additional misting function. The CasaFan AIROS COOL for example does not only provide a gentle breeze but also cooling fine mist. This comes in handy during the winter as well because it helps to raise humidity levels inside the home. The Westinghouse CASCATA fan has a misting feature and a water tank with a capacity of 2.5 litres.

Pedestal and tower fans with timer

Fans with an integrated timer are very useful, particularly when you want to have the fan on only when you fall asleep or during the entire night. After your selected interval of up to 8 hours has elapsed, the fan automatically goes into standby mode. Check the item description to see if your preferred model comes with a timer.

Pedestal fan for covered outdoor areas

Charge the battery of your energy-saving DC fan Silence Stratos at home and bring the fan to outdoor areas with a roof. This allows you to enjoy a breeze without a power socket. Application can include balconies, conservatories or pergolas. The use in free outdoor areas without roof or damp indoor rooms is not allowed.

On low speed the battery lasts up to 35 hours. Based on 5 hours of use per day the fan would last one week before the next recharge.