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Ceiling fan accessories

In a conference room or in the nursery – our ceiling fans are a discreet addition to your interior concept. Many fans of the creoven line are available with different technical specifications and designs. You can add more parts for increased convenience at a later point of time, for example a remote control or an add-on light. Older ceiling fans might need some upgrades or spares after a while. In this shop category you will find blade sets in different colours, extension rods and more useful accessories for your ceiling fan.


creoven’s ceiling fan accessories

The ceiling fan adapts to your needs – not the other way round

Blade set and blade holder

If you have purchased a fan motor, chances are that your will find the fitting blades on our creoven.co.uk shop. Fans that have been used for many years can benefit from a new blade set. If dust and debris are not removed from the blades on a regular basis it is likely that tenacious spots will begin to show up, for example on outdoor ceiling fans. A new set of blades can also help with scratches, dents and other damage. Another reason to take a closer look at our fan accessories might be the desire for a new colour. If you are simply fed up with your current finish, have redecorated or repainted the room or moved away, the ceiling fan should match the décor. Oftentimes fan blades are finished with two colours on each side. And if you are still not quite satisfied with these colour options, we offer a wide selection of replacement blades.

Blade holders in the corresponding colours are also available here. If you are not sure about the ones you need, simply get in touch with our customer service.

Extension drop rods and suspension systems

Extension rods are available in various colours and sizes to make it possible to use the ceiling fan in a room with a high ceiling. The rod must fit your ceiling fan, usually the rods are constructed with a 2.1cm (0.8in) diameter. When purchasing a ceiling fan with an average rod there is usually a cable set included in the package. However for some longer models you might need an additional cable set. We offer cables with a size of up to 120cm (47in) in our creoven shop. The length of most rods can be cut to a shorter size by using a metal saw. Keep in mind though that you need to drill new holes for the screws and pins.

We offer adjustable mounting brackets with a high carrying capacity of up to 40kg. These brackets help to mount fans to suspended ceilings that are usually not engineered to carry a lot of weight. The bracket is inserted between the “real“ and the suspended ceiling. As a robust and sturdy connecting piece it ensures stability and safety.

Control: remote control, wall control and more

We offer ceiling fans without any kind of controller unit in our online shop. In order to control the device you can use a suitable remote control that you might already have at home. Or you can simply order the preferred accessories when making the purchase of the fan.

If you have decided in favour of a ceiling fan with pull cord you can usually upgrade it at any given later point with more accessories. All fan features can be operated with the help of pull cords without any problem, however the use of a wall controller or remote control often adds more convenience and comfort to the whole user experience.
Wall controllers for ceiling fans are available with a surface-mounted or flush-mounted option. If you plan to add a light kit to your ceiling fan later on, it might be necessary to replace the wall speed controller with a model that has a light switch on it.
Various infrared and wireless remote controls from our accessory range are either universal or only compatible a special model/brand. The features should fit your needs, there are remote controls with and without light dimmer, with touch screen or automatic temperature control. The handsets should be ergonomic and have a nice feel to them. Forgetful fellows that might lose the remote should opt for a remote control that comes with a wall bracket for storage of the transmitter.

Step-transformers and continuously adjustable speed controllers allow a more customised rotation speed of the ceiling fan. Some transformers are able to regulate several ceiling fans at the same time.

Light kits and ornaments

Our ceiling fans do not have much need for further visual enhancements. However, we offer accessories like woven wooden rings to decorate the motor housing for a more individual, customised look.
Fanimation offers two hand-carved and painted animals to decorate the PALISADE ceiling fan – the curious monkey and the observing parrot.

Another effective means of design is an add-on light kit for the ceiling fan. They are not only decorative but also cast the light that is needed in the room. Some fan models are compatible with a variety of different lamps. The metal ring of the connection can be finished with various colours, the lamp shades are available in different shapes. You will find all kinds of lights in our creoven online shop, slim lights, oval or bell-shaped, and many more.

Which lamps are available for light kits and ceiling fans is explained in our lamp overview.

A component has been damaged? Ceiling fan spares for your model are available in our shop. We provide parts like spare glasses, single remote handsets, spare motors, etc.