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Kitchen & Bathroom Fans

Small but powerful! These high-performance fans effectively remove odours and excess moisture. This makes them perfect for small rooms where a compact design and efficiency are both important. These fans are easy to install in pipes and ducts or even in windows to use as exhaust systems in bathrooms, kitchens, and storage rooms. Our mounting kits, sensors, remotes, and other optional accessories allow you to customize our fan exhaust systems for your specific requirements.


Bathrooms can be a place of refuge with a warm soak in a bath the perfect way to relax and melt away the day’s stresses. Unfortunately, a hot steaming bath in a room without adequate ventilation can quickly cause steam to accumulate and lead to problems with excessive moisture in the room. This can turn your relaxing bath into a battle to mop up condensation from mirrors and other surfaces. Adding a bathroom fan can allow you to quickly and easily eliminate these problems while also removing odours and fumes from the room. This can be a tremendous benefit to everyone in your household and to your visitors, as well. Fortunately, we have plenty of compact, high-efficiency fans, specifically designed to provide exceptional ventilation. Below we provide the information you need on the different types of fans and installation options, as well as how adding a fan can eliminate common household and business issues.

Bathrooms are often the most used rooms in homes and businesses. The heavy traffic and relatively small size of bathrooms makes it easier for odours and fumes to accumulate. A ventilating bathroom fan can help guests and family members avoid embarrassing odours after using the bathroom. Fans can prevent fumes from hair spray, deodorants, perfume, and cleaning products from permeating the room. Adding a room exhaust fan system can enable annoying odours and aerosol sprays to be removed from the room before they can be deposited on surfaces. Better ventilation can also help avoid wet towels and surfaces developing a musty smell from excessive moisture.

Kitchens are another area prone to accumulating unwanted odours. The smell of grease, burned food, garlic, onions, spices, cleaning products, and other smells can quickly permeate the room and its furnishings. Whether the kitchen is in your home or at your business, keeping kitchens free from fumes and odours is important. These compact fans can be installed in a range of locations, depending on your kitchen’s configuration. Fan accessories can even be added to turn the fan on whenever smoke is detected, to regulate how often the fan operates, or connect to remote operation panel for added convenience. The accumulation of excess moisture is another important issue in kitchens. Steam from cooking, drying dishes, and wet surfaces can lead to high humidity levels within the kitchen. This can make the kitchen an idea breeding ground for unwanted mould and mildew. Once mould and mildew form in the walls and other surfaces, it can be difficult to treat and remove. The best and most cost-effective solution is to install ventilation fans to eliminate excess moisture before a problem develops.

Hobby rooms, cellars, and workshops are also ideal locations for compact ventilation fans. Many common pastimes and work activities such as painting, woodworking, and car repair create fumes as a natural part of the process. Add to this fumes from cleaning supplies and a room’s poor air circulation has the potential for creating significant health and safety risks. The installation of a ventilation fan can help regulate the temperature in the room whist removing harmful fumes and annoying odours from the area. This can help keep your work or hobby space fresh, clean, comfortable, and ready for your safe continued use.

Any room that hosts someone who smokes tobacco is probably a good location for adding a ventilation fan. Unlike desk and pedestal fans that do a great job moving air around the room for adding comfort and temperature control, our bathroom, wall, and window fans are designed to move air from inside the room to the outdoors. This can help keep the air in the room fresher whist removing smoke and other odours from the room before they can permeate the room’s furnishings and décor. Help keep the occupants of your home or business comfortable by removing annoying smoke from the air with one of our efficient small room fans.

Understanding the Dangers of High Humidity

A common and serious issue with rooms with too little ventilation is the accumulation of excess moisture. High humidity levels can be caused by steam from baths or cooking, evaporation of water from dishes, towels, flooring, and other surfaces, and moisture left behind during cleaning. Certain hobbies like wine and beer-making can also significantly impact the humidity levels in indoor rooms as can running clothes washers and dryers.

The immediate impact of high humidity levels can be water damage to wallpaper, artwork, and other items in the room. Excess moisture can cause paper items to crimp, curl, and/or develop water spots. Cosmetics like face powders and eye shadow can accumulate moisture causing the products to be more difficult to apply. Damp powders, sponges, and brushes can, in turn, become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Continued high humidity levels, particularly when combined with fairly warm temperatures, can provide ideal conditions for the growth of mould and mildew. Mould can develop in clothes, curtains, and other fabrics. Paper products can be particularly susceptible to mould and mildew but walls, wood, grout, and other areas within the room can develop mould growth. Once mould has become established, it can be difficult to treat and remove. Mould can reach well inside porous materials like fabric, wood, and drywall. These means a surface cleaning will typically not be adequate to remove mould once it has become established. As mould grows it releases mould spores that help spread the mould infestation into other areas of the room or building. For many people, spores produced by mould cause allergic reactions, leading to respiratory complaints and possible other serious health issues for both humans and pets. This can make preventing and eliminating mould a priority.

Adding Ventilation in Windowless Rooms

In order to provide relief in damp locations without windows such as bathrooms and guest WCs, we offer modern fans that can be used as dedicated exhaust systems. These types of fans are both affordable and easy to install. Some models are designed to be soundproof so that adjoining rooms and apartments are not disturbed by the operating noise.
To balance pressure in the room it is vital to ensure a corresponding amount of supply air. Depending on the size of the room, it may be unnecessary to install an additional air supply system or other openings to the room. In smaller bathrooms, particularly in older buildings, there may be adequate air supply thanks to less than air tight seals in the room’s construction. Another option is to bring air in from adjoining rooms or the corridor using an overflow valve. Existing pipes and ducts can be used as easy and low-priced installation locations for added ventilation systems. This can ensure controlled, continuous air circulation, while incoming air is filtered for allergens, dust, and contaminants. Modern, efficient air filters can even prevent germs and bacteria from entering your home or business. Air filtration can be highly beneficial for people with allergies and anyone with a weakened immune system. These types of systems can be particularly important in public areas like WCs in medical offices and hospitals.

Fan Ventilation System Benefits for Small Rooms

Our bathroom-sized fans offer many benefits to small rooms, at an economical price. Easy, versatile installation options make these fans practical for all types of room and styles of building structures. The small bathroom fans can be quickly mounted to existing ducts, vents or pipes with little effort. Our popular Punto model merely requires the application of one screw to ensure sturdy support. In most cases the fan can be connected in a matter of minutes and immediately ready for action. 

Most of our small room-sized fans can be mounted in a range of positions, vertical, horizontal, or even diagonally. The Vort Kappa can even function as an exhaust hood, mounted on the ceiling. This can be a particularly desirable option for kitchens. For installation into a duct in the corner of a room, the Quadro Micro offers additional support. Another option is to install the fan into the window using our window installation kit or check out our selection of window fans. Even if there are no windows or useful ducts in the room, our bathroom fans can easily be installed by a professional.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Automatic, effortless ventilation
  • Air filters & ventilation to eliminate odours
  • Prevents mould and water damage by removing excess humidity
  • Affordable – low-cost purchase price and operating costs
  • Easy installation
  • Check water vapour levels with built-in humidity sensors
  • Adjustable ventilation intervals for damp rooms like WC, kitchen and bathroom
  • Fans with air filters help eliminate germs and odours
  • Some models of fans have protection from splashing water

To provide the perfect ventilation to meet your needs, we offer fans with a range of different control options.

The programmable humidity control comes with sensors that measure relative humidity within the room. The amount of the water vapour can have a significant impact on the potential for mould to develop. Fans can be set to automatically ventilate once a specific humidity level is reached. There is also an option to have the fan automatically operate when a motion sensor is activated. This can be ideal for a bathroom where running the fan after each visit can be particularly helpful to eliminate odours. Another option is to have the fan automatically run when the room light is turned on. We also offer manually controlled fans that are operated using a pull cord or switch.

Another great benefit is the optional after-run timer that can be connected to the ceiling light or flush, for example. It determines for how long the fan should operate after the bathroom light has been turned off. The after-run ventilation period can be adjusted on a timer to run as long as 20 minutes. At night, or when leaving the house for a longer period, you can select regular ventilation intervals with a convenient timer.

Fans designed for small rooms, like kitchens, comply with all safety guidelines for fume hoods. That means they are heat-resistant and self-extinguishing, so providing added safety in the event of a cooking fire or other mishap. Fans immediately extract cooking odours before they can to spread throughout the entire home. Fan coatings are easy to clean so splatters like grease and sauces can be removed instantly. The interior electrics are protected from water, water vapour, and other splashes. This is required by IP codes for fans used in either bathrooms and kitchens to ensure they’re safe to operate around the liquids that are naturally present in kitchens and bathrooms. The integrated filters are also simple to clean, making maintenance quick and easy.

Small room fan applications

  • Bathrooms in homes and hotels
  • Guest WC in homes and businesses
  • Storage and utility rooms
  • Pantries and kitchens
  • Cellar rooms
  • Other small rooms, like closets
  • Rooms that are used infrequently
  • Rooms without windows

Fan Accessories, Care & Maintenance

When purchasing and installing your fan, please keep in mind that fans for small rooms must installed to allow adequate air supply. The fan intake area must not be covered by objects that interfere with the air flow. For example, do not place potted plants in front of window fans to screen them from view. Usually, sensors that automatically determine the required amount of air should only be deactivated except during maintenance.

Each fan comes with an instruction manual with more information. On the outside a grid prevents objects, such as insects and leaves, from being blown inside the fan by the wind. The practical seal also transports condensation water away to the exterior wall of the house. Easy-care housings made of special synthetic material are designed to prevent yellowing. A wet sponge can be used to wipe away dust, water spots, and other debris from the fan. On the inside of the air supply regulator unit of the fan, a dust filter absorbs even smaller contamination. Regular replacement or cleaning of the filters, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensures a constant supply of good breathing air.

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