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120 Volt / 60 Hz Ceiling Fans

In this shop category we offer a variety of ceiling fans that are suitable both for a 120 Volt and 240 Volt mains supply. The 120 Volt / 60 Hertz voltage is most common in North, Central and South America as well as Japan. Browse our wide selection of 120V ceiling fans in different designs, sizes as well as outdoor rating.


120 Volt / 60 Hz Ceiling Fans
The brands you will in our range are based in various continents, including Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. The brands are famous all around the world. One of these fan manufacturers is so popular that a well-attended museum and fanshop has been been opened. The overwhelming global demand for ceiling fans thus calls for different specifications such as mains supply. For that reason we decided to include 120V ceiling fans in our range even though a 240V supply is more common. This is a great option for people with a holiday home in foreign countries or someone who is about to move to the US, to name just one example. Outdoor fans for the patio or seating areas in bars are a popular choice in warmer regions with large crowds of tourists.

⮩ The 120 Volt category is expanded by our energy-efficient DC ceiling fans that are suitable for both 120 and 240 Volt.

Picture: pixabay.com

DC ceiling fans for 120 and 240 Volt

Our DC ceiling fans with a 110 – 240 Volt / 50 – 60 Hertz voltage are suitable for use in locations such as Europe, the US or Japan. Whether or not the ceiling fan is suitable for both supplies is always stated in the item description. A DC ceiling fan is equipped with a transformer-rectifier that changes the incoming alternating current into a direct current. That means you can simply take your fan with you when moving countries. The design on the outside is modern, just like the interior parts of these eco-friendly appliances. Some models are equipped with built-in LED panels that reduce the energy consumption of these fans even further.

 Not all ceiling fans in this shop category feature a direct current motor, though. Some of them are designed specifically for use with a 120 Volt / 60 Hertz supply. Please check each item description carefully. Did you fall in love with a ceiling fan that is only available as 120V and will not match your supply? Do not hesitate to get in touch, we will try our best to find a similar appliance with a different voltage.

Benefits of ceiling fans regardless of their mains supply

Holiday destinations with a warm climate or hot summers in your domestic country both call for much needed cooling. Ceiling fans are a much more economic solution that air conditioning systems because they consume less energy and can be matched to individual requirements of guests and residents alike. DC motors operate quietly, only the movement of the blades is audible, meaning users will not be disturbed at night. In hot and humid regions air conditioning systems are often used to decrease humidity. In this case a combination of air conditioning and ceiling fan is worth considering. The air conditioner operates during daytime when occupants are not present. At night the whisper-quiet ceiling fan is used instead. This method is standard practice in most homes in the US. Newly-built houses are usually equipped with ceiling fans right away.

In addition to the cooling function and easy handling of a ceiling fan, a crucial factor is the appealing design. We offer 120 Volt ceiling fans with wooden blades, stylish blade sets with a palm leaf design or with a cane inlay. There are also timeless chic options completely in white or monochrome finishes. A device in a light colour is a good option for small rooms, a black or dark fan looks great in spacious areas. Finally, a metallic or grey ceiling fan is the happy medium: not too plain, not too obtrusive. Ceiling fans such as the low energy Eco Gamma are the perfect solution. It comes with reversible blades with a different finish on the front and back, meaning the overall design of the fan is switched up simply by flipping over the blades. Furthermore, a special light kit can be added at any later point.

One more tip: Even the hottest and most humid countries will experience rainy, windy days. Some homes are not even equipped with central heating. In this case, a ceiling fans with a reversing switch will help. Indoor temperature, body heat and breathing are all factors that cause heat. The air inside the room warms up and rises towards the ceiling, since warm air has a lower densitiy than cold air. Spinning the ceiling fan in reverse causes the blades to recirculate the heat from the ceiling in the room. This happens without any considerable draught, only the user will notice an increase of the room temperature, cold spots on the floor are eliminated.
In regions with harsh winters the reverse function helps reduce heating costs because residents are not forced to constantly fuel the heater or fireplace.