Mission statement creoven

Social responsibility
As a growing business creoven wants to give something back to society. That is why we support fund-raising campaigns at betterplace.org and Ronald McDonald Charity, Greenpeace‘s NoPoint campaign and use the fair Ethikbank for our payments. We also provide educational opportunities by granting scholarships.

Eco-friendly supply chain
Clean supply chains
We are very well aware that packaging material and deliveries contribute to global environmental contamination and use our influence to make sure the goods are arriving at your doorstep in a sustainable way. That is why we decided in favour of a CO2 means of transportation! Climate-friendly transportation and online retail can go hand in hand, if you just know how!
Even if it does not look as nice as a brand-new glossy print, we use recycled cardboard boxes as packaging or padding. This saves important resources and conserves the environment.

Honest pricing
Pricing mind games, such as the crossed-out old price and the highlighted red new price are not in our interest. We don’t want to play games with our customers, instead we want to be transparent and honest, presenting benefits of the goods and our coherent prices – nothing else. It is neither our wish to sell you the most expensive product, nor to make the cheapest offers. The point is to inform you, be on the phone, through email or our guides, and to suggest the articles that we believe are best for your individual requirements and conditions.

Creating confidence
We don’t want to win your trust, we want to earn it, for example with our certification by Trusted Shops. Independent customer reviews give you more transparency and pose a solid foundation for making a decision for or against a seller. Take a look at what other buyers have to say about us.
Guidance and service
Comprehensive information about products and producers are an important factor for your purchase decision. That is why we offer interviews with leading figures in our manufacturers‘ companies in addition to brand presentations.

Detailed guides will answer your questions all around the clock. In-depth descriptions about a group of products is available in each category text, specific technical data is listed inside the product description. Our Blog provides you with extensive background information, tips for application and other articles of interest. At creoven we also do not miss out on the fun, raffles and other promotions are regularly introduced on our social media channels facebook and twitter.

The automatic sales advisor feature directly on the creoven.co.uk website will be improved even further in the future. We are also constantly adding product videos to high-quality detailed pictures. This allows you to get a better idea of the articles and we prevent purchasing the wrong item and discrepancies.

With a wide range of payment methods we want to make the purchase process as simple as possible for you. Free shipping on orders above £ 60.00 is our way of saying “Thank you“ – we are looking forward to your next visit!

Accepting and listening to feedback
Your feedback about our service matters to us. On one hand this allows other interested customers to see how you rate the article and purchase process, on the other hand we receive unbiased feedback. We also pass this on to our supplies, because in the end, this is the only way things can change. We even go one step further and actively try to bring together the many producers out there. For example, the brand Pepeo designed a radio remote control for ceiling fans, whose connector plugs are also compatible with devices made by Westinghouse and CasaFan!

Durable products
A comprehensive product range like it is offered by creoven.co.uk gives you more options in terms of design, colour and functions. We also prefer to include articles in our range that impress not only with outer appearance, but also with outstanding energy efficiency, durable materials and features such as LED lighting. Being a quality-oriented business, our task is also to consistently clean out our assortment: Product lines that repeatedly show technical defects are removed from our selection! However, many of our producers give a long warranty on the electronic parts of their products, pay attention to each product description.

Every little helps…
Yes, we are using green electricity on the premises, recycled print-out paper and envelopes, and even waste is collected in eco-friendly bags in the office. But don’t think we are all wearing long hair, hand-knitted jumpers and slippers. No, we are normal people that feel a lot better knowing that every little thing helps.

We’ll keep it that way: honest, fair and interested!
Acting in a selfish manner and being ignorant of environment and fellow men is simply not an option for us. We want to refine sustainable products together with our customers and producers, and to constantly improve our service with your help. Of course we cannot realise all our ideas (and we have quite a few of those) at once, but we making progress step by step.

If you are interested in how the business creoven has grown over the years, see our company history here


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