Pepeo Ceiling Fans

Ever since 2009 Pepeo GmbH sells modern as well traditional ceiling fans with a heavy focus on energy-saving motors and lighting. Various features such as colourshift LEDs are also part of the versatile Pepeo range.
The brand’s goal is to grow slowly and steadily. That is why nothing during the development stages of products is rushed. Each decision is made carefully. After all, quality takes time. In the following we are going to go more in-depth about the successful business. 


  • Foundation and name
  • Pepeo range and production
  • Designing fan models
  • Expert advice is important for customers and the director
  • Ceiling fans and sustainability 

Foundation and name

After gaining experience in the sale of ceiling fans, future owner of Pepeo GmbH had the desire for a very own brand. Until then the quality of ceiling fans in Europe was often unsatisfactory, most models were imported and then sold by big DIY markets. Pepeo wanted to stand out from the competitors with high-quality products. Thanks to long-standing experience as a seller the founder of Pepeo already knew about the countless customer preferences, concerns and requirements of people looking to buy ceiling fans. This further promoted the plan to design a superior, successful and visually appealing ceiling fan. During product development requirements from people in Europe and particularly Germany were kept in mind, since European styles and demands differ from products in the Americas. 

Pepeo GmbH Timeline

2009 Company foundation, first product Santa Pepeo, own website
and sale through
- various products for residential and professional application follow soon
2015 Pepeo video channel
2017 Ceiling fan with dimmable colourshift LED
2018 Ceiling fan Bayu, also with DC motor      

This intention brought forth the first Pepeo model in 2009, named the Santa Pepeo. The product is a rather pricey purchase with cast-iron ornaments on the housing. The body is finished with an elaborate washed grey or auburn lacquer, the blades boast a weathered décor. Overall the rustic design adds a cosy touch to every living room. Apart from a chic appearance the Santa Pepe orange is also very quiet during operation. When it came to establishing a name for the brand and fans the company got rather create. The brand name Pepeo was derived from the word “upepo” which is Swahili for “wind”. The name Santa Pepeo is reminiscent of “Santa Claus” which is why management jokingly refers to this fan as “the quiet Claus”.

Pepeo is a business that started out small and continues to grow. The logo of the Pepeo GmbH was designed by an old friend of the CEO. Informational videos along with product videos are also made by a close acquaintance. The manufacturer spares no effort to make customers aware of benefits of ceiling fans (for example in comparison to air conditioning systems).

After the foundation Pepeo became an internationally competitive brand. The formula for success is simple: high standards in terms of quality and performance, reliability, customer-friendly pricing as well as experience and passion for fan technology. Pepeo cooperates only with the most reliable partners in the industry for components and assembly. This practice really pays off: from antique to modern styles, with and without remote controls, there is little left to desire when it comes to the Pepeo product range. However, the focus remains on the quality of the products instead on quantity. A lot of thought and knowledge went into designing each model, resulting in functional, affordable and visually appealing products. 

 Pepeo range and production

Following the Santa Pepeo the sophisticated traditional Potkuri (without light) and Melton (with light kit) models were introduced that continue to be a popular customer choice. Then, Pepeo managed to create a technical innovation: The Turno DC (direct current) ceiling. This model was the first DC ceiling fan on the European market to feature an integrated LED light. Nowadays, this might not seem much as this configuration has become standard practice, but back then only Pepeo GmbH offer such a novelty. At the time the Turno range was launched the superior airflow rate was another unusual benefit. Due to the outstanding features and work that went into coming up with this fan it was a rather expensive appliance which is why it is not produced anymore. Competitive products by other brands with the same equipment would soon follow.

Pepeo GmbH then ventured into the production of various industrial fans. In 2017/2018 new indoor ceiling fans for domestic environments followed, to be specific the white Raja and dark Bayu units. Their LED lighting can be dimmed by remote control and adjusted in three colour temperatures. These two models are the first in the range to feature a housing made completely from robust PVC. The mouldable material offers new options in terms of design, the upwards curved blades ensure improved airflow. Thanks to the synthetic material the overall weight of the appliances could be reduced considerably and the fans can be offered at more attractive price.   

The assembly of Pepeo fans is mostly done in China. Pepeo also uses production facilities in Taiwan, for example the Vourdries and Santa Pepeo models are made there. Taiwan offers a higher standard. Naturally, Pepeo management makes sure no underaged youths are working in the facilities and that working conditions of the staff are good.

The Chinese factory (e.g. Melton ceiling fan) offers better in-house production depth. That means only a tiny fraction of parts need to be purchased from external suppliers since most parts are made directly on-site. Several thousand employees work there, none of them underage though. Since there is always a chance that reality is very different from how things are when the CEO is coming for a visit, external specialists oversee production and work conditions. These experts do not have a long-standing, personal relationship with Pepeo GmbH to ensure neutrality. This is a big step forward in terms of protection of employees and environment and clearly aligns with European standards.  

Frequent streamlining of the product range

The Pepeo range consists of ceiling fans and suitable accessories. The Minara tower fan used to be part of the line for a short time, but Pepeo went back to the roots which are premium-quality ceiling fans. Most experience and know-how is focused on this product.

If models are not up to date anymore or have become too expensive they are either replaced by an improved version or taken off the shelves completely. This results in a small yet highly sophisticated assortment.   

Designing fan models 

Originator: artefacti,

The head office of the Pepeo GmbH is located in Altenburg, Germany. Despite more than a thousand years of history the city is rather small with just about 33,000 residents. So where do new ideas and inspiration come from? The CEO is a regular visitor of specialised trade fairs, including the major international L+B in Frankfurt, Germany. He continuously tends to customer requirements worldwide, acquires knowledge about new technologies and passes the information on to employees and customers alike. Furthermore, prospering trade fair city Leipzig with regular design exhibitions of all kinds is not too far away.

The fan design ranges from traditional and antique, see models Kisa and Santa Pepeo, to modern and bold without any frills. The models are usually available in different colours and with different blade sets so that customers have a bigger variety to choose from. Pepeo produces fans with and without lighting. Oftentimes customers like to opt for appliances with a light kit, seeing that a ceiling fan is usually fitted to the centre of the room where there would be a chandelier otherwise. Pepeo ceiling fans are suitable for various kinds of bulbs including energy-efficient LEDs. Units with an integrated LED panel have a long service life and feature a low-energy motor such as the Raja. 

The fans can rotate forwards and backwards allowing them to provide cooling in summer and reduce heating costs in winter. During winter warm air from the radiator accumulates right at the ceiling. A fan gently recirculates this warmth until the overall temperature in the room has evened out. This prevents cold floors and corners. A gold-like satin brass finish or sleek glossy black, the fan should be appealing to the customer and fit the rest of the interior. Pepeo produces fans with a clever reversible design. The blades have a different décor on the front and back, with a different colour or a cane insert. The company has a passion for detail and likes to add lovely ornaments and applications to the fan bodies. This also includes true-to-life wood grain decors or lamp shades with a floral design. It goes without saying that there are also model with a more subtle, straight-forward design that are compatible with remote controls or wall controllers. If the home is already equipped with a controller system, a lot of the fans are available without built-in controllers to allow for compatibility with on-site systems. Furthermore, Pepeo offers flush-mounted units that are suitable for low ceilings: Saturn, Kisa and Aero. Ceiling fans with a drop rod can be mounted to sloping ceilings with 38° inclination. This is another customer requirement that has been fulfilled, ceiling fans are frequently needed in lofts and attics. Incidentally, this is the reason why Pepeo has started selling fans in the first: at a young the manager himself lived on the attic floor with little to no air circulation at all.

Pepeo fans are manufactured carefully and designed to operate quietly, making them an ideal appliance for bedrooms and nurseries. Thanks to a reduced power consumption (starting with as little as 3 Watts) you can leave the fan on for the whole night without feeling guilty.

For a few years now an exclusive distributor partnership has existed with American producer aireRyder to enhance the product range. aireRyder offers models with an unobtrusive, subtle design for the European market.  

Expert advice is important for customers and the director

Pepeo is a business that is always available for customer. The manager himself is often on the phone talking to customers. His many years of experience with ceiling fans allow him to give expert advice on the technology. Personal contact is very important and helpful to find out what customers are looking for, for example if they are asking for LED lights, certain colours, etc. The feedback and suggestions help Pepeo GmbH develop new appliances and update features and equipment.

Apart from consulting with customers, Pepeo GmbH also focuses on service for distributors. (Pepeo GmbH only deals with distributors and does not supply private end customers). The company also implemented a ticket system for distributors which is rather unusual in the industry. Thanks to a customer and distributor-oriented Pepeo is a successful brand that combines aesthetics and quality.

Resellers such as our creoven store is always informed about Pepeo’s newest inventions. You can order all products in our store. We also offer a variety of original ceiling fan spares like blades or light bulbs and are able to give you detailed information about Pepeo and aireRyder products. 

 Ceiling fans and sustainability

However, Pepeo does not want to rest on their laurels. New models are currently planned and existing devices shall be upgraded and improved continuously. Pepeo GmbH has a lot of love for technology, ventilation but also for the protection of the environement.

Since 2016 new ceiling fans are produced exclusively with a DC motor. They consume 50% less power than conventional AC fans, but can be connected to standard AC wiring. The fans are equipped with a converter that changes the alternating from the power grid into direct current that is required for the appliance. In addition to the reduced energy consumption these fans offer more speed levels, are super quiet and always feature a remote control. In combination with an LED light a DC ceiling fan is a great option for hotels and restaurants since they consume less power than an air conditioning system. Stylish functions such as a dimmable light with 3 colour temperatures appeal to customers that are looking for ways to contribute to conservation.

In the future Pepeo wants to develop more accessories like extension drop rods in different colours and pull chains. Furthermore, a new remote control kit with improved features and modern look is in the works.