Exhaust air Disc valve Air valve AVTM in various sizes

• ATVM air disc valve • designed for exhaust only • galvanised steel sheet, colour white • model selectable: ATVM 80 to ATVM 200

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Dimensions and technical details

  • Disc valve, only for exhaust
  • Material: galvanised steel sheet with epoxy powder coating
  • Colour: white
  • Model selectable: ATVM 80 to ATVM 200
  • Application: in rooms without any special fire protection requirements
  • Circular foam gasket ensures false excess air cannot infiltrate from the sides, thus preventing contamination
  • Easy to install: wide edge covers the opening, quick and simple installation
  • Compensates for bumps on the wall and pipes that are plastered too deep 
  • Low-noise: aerodynamic design with low noise level 
  • Simply insert the valve into the wall or duct opening
  • Includes special mounting ring for installation in sheet metal ducts
  • Adjusted according to the diagrams below. Based on the zero-point Dimension A (mm) also determines the amount of times the valve has to be turned.
  • Airflow rate and pressure are adjusted by turning the valve disc.


Dimensions in mm

Model Nominal Width A (mm) Ø B (mm) Ø C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)
ATVM 80 80 79 - 90 60 116 32 7
ATVM 100 100 99 - 105 75 140 32 7
ATVM 125 125 124 - 130 99 170 39 7
ATVM 150 150 149 - 165 119 202 44 10
ATVM 160 160 159 - 175 119 202 44 10
ATVM 200 200 199 - 210 157 254 52 12

CasaFan ATVM exhaust extractor air valve dimensions in mm


Quick selection Supply air valve AVTM

AVTM Airflow (m³/h) at sound pressure
25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
75/80 83 101 122
100 108 133 162
125 165 205 245
150 210 252 292
160 230 288 353
200 432 504 610


Characteristic curves

ATVM exhaust disc valve air valve characterstic curve of airflow per hour

The CasaFan ATVM poppet valve is suitable for transporting away exhaust air from all rooms that are furnished with non-flammable equipment. Its high-quality galvanised steel sheet is coated with a white epoxy powder. Thanks to an aerodynamic design the valve generates a minimum of noise with just about 35 decibels. The appliance is inserted into the wall opening or directly into the ventilation duct, thin sheet metal pipes require the included mounting rings to ensure a secure fixation. The AVTM is a discreet addition to the ventilation system that does not appear too obtrusive.

This CasaFan ventilation accessory is a durable product that promises years of reliable air exhaust. The ATVM is constructed with a wide edge that covers the opening and ensures stability. The surrounding area permanently remains clean as the integrated gasket prevents contamination and debris from infiltrating from the sides. It evens out any imperfections and irregularities caused by pipes that have been plastered too deep and uneven walls. The pressure as well as the transported airflow are determined by the opening of the valve, by turning the disc both factors are adjusted. Use our quick selection chart to find out which ATVM model would be most suitable for your individual requirements. The data refers to the nominal width of the ducts or wall openings.

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