Stadler Form

Anti-limescale bullets for Humidifier Fred

reduces limescale on the heating plate

suitable for Stadler Form humidifier Fred

original Stadler Form accessory

Item number 14129

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Dimensions and technical details

  • set of 2 bullets
  • small but powerful
  • reduces limescale on humidifier Fred's heating plate
  • accumulating limescale particles are bound together by the steel wool on the inside of the bullet
  • frequent decalcification is imparative for smooth operation

The convenient Stadler Form anti-limescale balls ensure a prolonged service life of the stylish Fred unit.

Simply place one of the bullets inside the water tank: Similar to a magnet this little ball extracts scale from the water. The process becomes visible after a short amount of time: The stainless steel wool inside the housing of the bullet visibly bonds the lime, at the same time preventing harmful deposit from accumulating on the heating plate of the humidifier.

Fred will express his gratitude with an optimum performance at all times: Perfect dispensation of water mist guarantees ideal humidity levels inside the house throughout the year.

In order to preserve the effect of the anti-limescale balls they must be cleaned regularly. The housing can be opened without any problems, afterwards you can clean all single parts with diluted vinegar. Every 2 – 3 months the bullet should be replaced.

The anti-limescale bullets from Stadler Form: An efficient accessory for the Fred humidifier! 

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