Ducting tape Shrink tape CasaTape

ducting / shrink / sealing tapes

various options available

sealing of transition pieces in ducting systems

reduces leakage

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Dimensions and technical details

  • Adhesive tapes used in ducting and ventilation systems
  • Various options available: CasaTape PVC, CasaTape VLB, CasaTape ALU-K, CasaTape ALU-L
  • Sealing of duct and pipe joints
  • Prevents leakage
Model Material Length (m) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Application Characteristics Temperature range Max. system pressure
CasaTape PVC PVC, aluminium grey 10 50 0.15 Ducting tape, sealing and connection Exceptional adhesiveness, high elasticity -18°C to +90°C +1000 Pa
CasaTape VLB Polyethylene foam, black 20 12 4 Sealing tape, sealing of air ducts, connection pieces, formed parts without gaskets Self-adhesive, ca. 40% stretching (DIN 53577) -30°C to +80°C    /
CasaTape ALU-K Aluminium foil, butyl layer, metallic silver 15 50 0.5 Cold shrink tape Long-lasting adhesiveness and sealing effect -20°C to +70°C +2000 Pa
CasaTape ALU-L Aluminium foil, metallic silver 45 50 0.3 Ducting tape, sealing of air preparation facilities, ventilation ducts, insulation Long-lasting adhesiveness and sealing effect -10°C to +90°C +1000 Pa


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