Supply and Exhaust Air Valve CasaFan AZTVVA Stainless in various sizes

• air valve AZTVVA for supply and exhaust air • stainless steel, with mounting ring • size selectable: AZTVVA 100 to AZTVVA 200

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Dimensions and technical details

  • Air valve for supply and exhaust air
  • Material: stainless steel with brushed finish
  • Model selectable: AZTVVA 100 to AZTVVA 200
  • Application: Transportation of air in rooms without fire protection requirements
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Circular foam gasket ensures false excess air cannot infiltrate from the sides, thus preventing contamination
  • Easy to install: clamping springs for insertion in pipes or wall openings with 2cm wall thickness or more
  • Mounting ring is included: for installation in sheet metal ducts or thin panels and connection to flexible tubes
  • Universal: Compensates for bumps on the wall and pipes that are plastered too deep
  • Low-noise: low sound pressure level thanks to valve disc with sound absorber
  • Turning the disc adjusts airflow
  • Versatility: The included mounting ring allows installation in walls, panels or directly in ducts


Type NW A (mm) Ø B (mm) Ø C (mm) Ø D (mm) Ø E (mm) Ø F (mm)
AZTVVA 100 100 100 90 140 50 6 100 - 108
AZTVVA 125 125 125 120 170 50 9 125 - 135
AZTVVA 150 150 150 145 218 63 9 150 - 155
AZTVVA 160 160 160 145 218 63 9 160 - 165
AZTVVA 200 200 200 202 298 80 14 200 - 210

Dimensions of the AZTVVA CasaFan stainless steel air valve disc valve 

The CasaFan AZTVVA air valve is ideal for moderate ventilation in all rooms that have no special fire protection requires. The disc valve can be used both for supply and exhaust air. It is made of stainless steel with a brushed finished, making it weatherproof and suitable for use in outdoor areas. The wide edge evens out potential bumps on the wall or diameters of the opening. The construction of this model also offers you the possibility to insert the item into pipes that are plastered too deep into the wall. The AZTVVA is easily installed within a matter of minutes, clamping springs attach the valve to pipes or walls with a thickness of 2cm or more. The corresponding mounting ring ensures a stable hold in thin materials such as ceiling panels or metal ducts, at the same time the ring also serves as a connection piece to flexible tubes.

Light-coloured ceilings stay spotlessly clean, the AZTVVA disc valve is equipped with a foam plastic gasket – contamination through excess air is completely prevented from the start. The amount of air flowing through is adjusted by turning the disc inside the valve and stays barely audible at any volume thanks to an integrated sound absorber. Creoven, your specialist for ventilation technology offers this air valve with an appealing visual nature in several different sizes.

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