Fantasia Ceiling Fans

Based in the British county of Kent, the manufacturer Fantasia is fully commited to design, production and distribution of high-quality ceiling fans. Apart from fans their range of goods also includes lighting and accessories such as remote controls. The company raises the bar for a variety of models: there is something for everyone, no matter what your ideas of aesthetics and price are. A couple of models are a successful combination of ceiling fan and LED light, which means you receive both an eco-friendly, decorative light source and a convenient ventilation system with best value for money.

Ever since the company has been founded in 1985, Fantasia is considered a pioneer and trend-setter on the British market for ceiling fans. Thanks to more than thirty years of cultivated passion the business continues to impress with sophisticated products and outstanding customer care even long after the transaction has been made. Remarkable quality, customer-oriented service and coherent price structures in particular are factors that helped establish Fantasia as a leader on the market. However the journey to becoming what they are today began with small steps:

Company history

The family business was founded in 1985 under the name Fantasia. The special constellation of the management level allowed the founders to directly communicate and determine business objectives. Even then the concept of the inventive producer was mirrored in the company name, “fan-tasia“ implies an unusual, inspiring idea that is realised as a unique fan with exciting shapes and state-of-the-art technology!

The first market-ready models were sold in a medium-sized retail shop in London. Due to the outstanding quality of the products word about the brand spread quickly. The promising situation further benefited from the fact that there was a severe shortage of direct competitors in Great Britain. Thus the Fantasia brand was blessed with an extraordinary growth rate, becoming a market-leading large scale enterprise in no time. Within a few trading years, management succeeded to supply key accounts in the industrial sector, retailers, department stores and individuals alike, satisfying their different demands.

Fantastic models from our range

Quality over dumping production

At the beginning of the 90s the tranquil market situation changed along with the worldwide market opening. In the course of the globalisation American companies expanded into the United Kingdom with cheap products made in China. For the first in the company’s history Fantasia had to deal with actual competition. However instead of giving in and trying to gain short-term profit by implementing low prices, the savvy management decided to invest into even better customer service to stand out due to unique features like quality and service. The special quality of the Fantasia fans can be attributed to the production in Taiwan, a country whose engineers already looked back at thirty years of experience in manufacturing high-quality ventilation technology.

On top of the ventilation feature the customer shall be spoiled with many extras: Fantasia offers whisper-quiet fans for domestic use that can be controlled with convenient remote controls or wall controllers, for example. Various light fixtures and a winter mode for heat recovery during the cold seasons of the year offer additional benefits. A warranty period between 5 and 15 years on the motor, investing into environmentally-friendly technology and excellent customer relations allowed Fantasia to keep their high quality standards and compete with producers of cheap articles. Fantasia saw yet another solid growth phase after putting time and effort into new technology and design.

Service and advantages for customers play an important role in Fantasia’s business philosophy. Friendly staff members are happy to explain all benefits of the models and clarify questions on the phone. Countless satisfied customer reviews prove just how seriously the company takes people and their demands.

The most significant modernisation of the recent years was the implementation of the DC direct current motor in 2008, starting with the fan model Alpha DC. This type of motor consumes 60% less energy compared to traditional alternate current motors, thus operating on a much more efficient basis. Another important step toward the future was to switch from conventional lights to eco-friendly LED lamps, the first product to undergo this change was the Splash. These fundamental innovations now pose milestones in the company history. 

Technical sophistication for better airflow and environmental protection

Well-know brands such as Fantasia put a lot of effort and know-how into developing their appliances. The pitch of the fan blades alone have a big influence on the airflow and noise level. Thanks to many years of experience the British manufacturer guarantees you whisper-quiet ventilation technology without wobbling and jiggling. The motors are made of first-rate silicum steel, their bearings have been sealed twice to ensure quiet operating. The other materials are characterised by high quality, only corrosion-resistant and lacquered blades are used. A forward and reverse function along with a remote control with up to 6 fan speeds leave nothing to be desired.

With the slogan "The greener way to move air" Fantasia is campaigning for environmental protection. Fans per se are more eco-friendly than most of air conditioning systems currently available on the market. The optional heat recovery with reverse function further cuts heating costs during the cold winter months. Fantasia thereby meet their own target, environmentally beneficial production methods and resource-saving products have always been part of the corporate philosophy. Apart from using energy-efficient technology (DC motor, LED) the company also handles stationery, packaging and advertising material with great responsibility. 

Fantasia design - "Looking nice as well as operate"

Nomen est Omen - this saying perfectly describes Fantasia! The company stands for fantastic ceiling fans, for sophisticated, British style down to the last detail. They look as good as as they operate: Ranging from retro models in the style of the 50s to fans that resemble a splashing drop of water, a propeller and even a knife blade – no shape is too much of a challenge for the brand’s designers, ideas are carefully crafted into household appliances. Not all fans of this brand are designed as playfully, though: On top of fans for domestic use inside and outside the house, Fantasia also produces models for the industrial sector. Household models on the market are often selected because of their outer appearance, designers can go as wild as they please. In the industrial sector on the other hand strict guidelines and regulations often prevent a selection based on personal taste. There are simply more styles and variations possible at home. Fantasia attaches special importance to creativity and design in addition to technological knowledge. These aspects are more interesting to the brand than the industrial sector, which is also reflected in their core product line.

The umbrella brand Fantasia sells fans in three main product groups: Eurofans with five years of warranty are reasonably-priced models for domestic use. The unique Fantasia range with 10 years warranty on the motor as well as the low-energy Elite range with 15 years warranty on the motor are more sophisticated.

Modern ways into the future

Apart from regular walk-in shops, online selling is one of the most important distribution channels for British brand Fantasia. Conveniently located in South East England, other European countries are within reach, for example the warehouse of The company follows the most recent trends and stays in tune with the times, for example they run their very own blog where they introduce ne wand special model, and publish tips and tricks for energy-efficient use. The support of distributors‘ online shops all around the world is also a focal point that requires careful management. And thus the current Managing Director at Fantasia, Mr Richard Moore immediately agreed to personally conduct a telephone interview for our Creoven-Blog! Read more about his views on conservation and characteristics of the German market.

Nowadays, advanced means of transportation and electronic retail that allows you to shop wherever you are allow us to order innovations from different countries. At we want to pass on Fantasia’s values: obliging customer service and above-average warranty. We, the official distribution partner in Germany, are happy to advise you on finding the right type of English ventilation appliance that fits your needs and requirements.