Continuously adjustable speed controller CasaFan WS

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Continuously adjustable speed controller CasaFan WS

In order to fluently regulate the speed of rotation controllable alternating current motors a speed controller is used. It shall be noted that a standard dimmer (Ohm's law) is not to be used under any circumstances as it leads to irrepairable damage of the motor. The following speed controllers work with the principle of generalised phase control and can control the rotation speed between 30 and 100% depending on the motor type.


Dimensions and technical details

  • Regulation of speed of fans with the principle of generalised phase control (During the lower speeds a buzzing sound might develop. For environments that need to be kept quiet a step transformer is recommended.)
  • Setting the minimum rotation speed with potentiometer on switch (motor should still start smoothly)
  • When connecting several fans to one controller, 10% reserve load should be calculated, attention has to be paid to the rated load / maximum load
  • WS 1.5 and WS 2.5: for commercially available flushed mounted sockets, compatible with switch systems of other manufacturers (requirement: rotary knob for 6mm axis)
  • WS 5.0 and WS 10.0: switch for surface mounted sockets, synthetic material (light grey / white)
Model Volts A max. Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) Protection class
WS 1.5 220- 240 1.5 A 86 x 86 x 65  IP55/ 44
WS 2.5 220- 240 2.5 A 86 x 86 x 65  IP55/ 44
WS 5.0 220- 240 5.0 A 83 x 160 x 71 IP54
WS 10.0 220- 240 10.0 A 115 x 195 x 95  IP54



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