Anti-limescale cartridge for humidifiers with ultrasonic technology

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Anti-limescale cartridge for humidifiers with ultrasonic technology

The anti-limescale cartrige for Stadler Form humidifers and appliances made by other manufactuers is suitable for ultrasonic systems that are equipped with a compatible lid on top of the water tank. In households with high water hardness the cartridges provides soft water and reduces the amount of limescale particles that are discharged into the air by the humidifier. This little accessory makes sure that the environment is not contaminated with lime that might affect the respiratory tract or furniture in a negative way. Depending on the water hardness present in the household the anti-limescale cartridge lasts between one and three months inside the humidifier.

In addition to functionality one of the characteristics that stand out with this unit is the design of the anti-limescale cartridge for the air humidifier. It might count among the rather functional household appliances and devices that do little for the interior decoration, however in this case Stadler Form managed to add a chic, presentable touch to the product. The Stadler Form humidifiers and cartridges appear elegant, their impressive quality and efficiency become noticeable at first sight. Based on the model this cartridge is used with it ensures hygienic and visual improvement in rooms sized 25m2 to 80m2.


Dimensions and technical details

  • Anti-limescale cartridge softens hard water
  • Reduces emission of limescale particles in the environment
  • Depending on the hardness of the water the cartridge lasts between one and three months
  • Suitable for humidifiers using ultrasonic technology and with a compatible water tank lid: Stadler Form humidifiers Anton, Jack, Eva, Robert, as well as devices made by other brands 

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