Insect Trap Flykiller with Glueboard MoPlick 398 / 399 coverage up to 50 m²

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Insect Trap Flykiller with Glueboard MoPlick 398 / 399 coverage up to 50 m²

Keep away annoying insects with the insect trap MoPlick. These little nuisances are not only disturbing, but can also transmit diseases, for example when they sat on rotten food or faeces before. MoPlick Inox 389 or MoPlick 399 are the perfect counter measurement and go without hazardous chemicals - the insects are attracted with UV light and stick to a special foil. This is an advantage compared to standard devices, as they literally make insects explode, thus scattering their remains all over the area.


Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Housing selectable: MoPlick 398 (stainless steel) or MoPlick 399 (synthetic material - white, can be painted or coated)
  • System: glueboard
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 270 x 170 mm
  • Coverage: 50 m²
  • Insect lamp: UVA - top quality tube (shatterproof)
  • Service life tube: ca. 2000 hours
  • Wavelength range: UV range between 300 and 400 nm
  • Device ready for installation on walls, mounting equipment included in the delivery
  • Safe for humans, but outstanding results for insects
  • Allows examination of the caught insects
  • Also suitable for environments with slight danger of explosion
  • Easy cleaning by regularly replacing of the glueboard
  • These models were developed with and for high hygienic standards in mind
  • Application: commerce and industry
  • Safety: certified after IMQ for high electric safety


Type Housing Tube Power consumption Weight
MoPlick Inox 398 stainless steel 20 W 30 W 2.9 kg
MoPlick 399 synthetic material 11 W 20 W 1.4 kg

The included special tube lamps only serve for attracting insects in combination with the mentioned insect traps are suitable neither for illumination in private rooms nor for any other use.

ATTENTION! Use only in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outside as not selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attraction method) not only catch pests but also beneficial insects.

The fitting accessories are available in our shop.


Please note that the insect trap is delivered with a continental 2-pin plug, you might need an adapter.



Glueboard for Mo-Plick 398 / 399 & Butterfly 700 / 701

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