TDA controller TDA-Control T IP54 various models

• TDA controller, 2 semiconductor temperature sensors • 7-step transformer, fully automatic control, up to 15 fans • model selectable

Item number 983911

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt, 50 Hertz
  • Rated current (A) : 0.2 to 6.0
  • Industrial housing with clear cover, lockable, terminal compartment is accessible individually, 2-digit display shows values and data 
  • Model selectable
  • Safety: protection code IP54, protection class II
  • Maximum ambient temperature 45°C, interference-free
  • Mode of operation: The device determines the difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling with 2 separate semi-conductor sensors (connection with a 2-core lead wire with up to 150m length), on the basis of the pre-set temperature difference desired value (1-10°K) the fans are controlled between the pre-set minimum and maximum rotation speed. If the pre-set temperature difference is exceeded by 3°C, the device switches on the fans. The bigger the difference in temperature, the higher the rotation speed of the fans.
  • Programming: all settings and features on the device are captured and saved by a programme
  • If required, the fans can be switched off after the temperature difference has decreased or be set to continue running on a pre-determined rpm value (minium air change). This results in decreased operating costs.
  • Manual adjustment: With a switch on the control panel the controller can be switched to manual adjustment (summer mode) and be used as a continuously adjustable speed controller.
  • Suitable for environments that need quiet


Type Description Maximum amount of fans to be connected
TDA-Control 1,5 T 2 semiconductor temperature sensors, 7-step transformer, fully automatic control 4
TDA-Control 2,5 T 2 semiconductor temperature sensors, 7-step transformer, fully automatic control 7
TDA-Control 5,0 T 2 semiconductor temperature sensors, 7-step transformer, fully automatic control 13
TDA-Control 6 2 semiconductor temperature sensors, fully automatic control 15
TDA-Control 6 E 2 semiconductor temperature sensors, 7-step transformer, fully automatic control, with digital display 15


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