Ventoxx – Ventilation systems with heat recovery

Ventoxx is known for ventilation appliances with outstanding heat recovery potential. After successful business operation in the Ukraine and headquarters in Kharov, a new branch office has launched in Germany in 2016 by civil engineer Florian Lammeyer and his business partner Thomas Rusch.


Ventoxx – energy-efficient ventilation

Ventoxx ventilation

The topic of energy-efficient ventilation has fascinated Ventoxx founder Florian Lammeyer since his youth. His uncle, an architect awarded with several environmental prizes and builder of the first passive house in Bavaria got him involved in this field. After concluding professional training and studies, Mr Lammeyer designed first prototypes of his heat exchanging ventilation systems in the Ukraine. The country is home to one of the two Ventoxx branches. The product design and production itself is still handled locally by engineers.

In 2016 a new office of the Ventoxx GmbH was founded in Germany. Find out more about the company history in our interview with Mr Lammeyer.

Decentralised heat exchangers with ceramic recuperator

ceramic recuperator

The Ventoxx heat exchangers from the RV range operates in intervals. The items regulate supply and exhaust air. A heat reservoir, namely a ceramic accumulator, is charged and discharged regularly. The fan changes from supply to extraction and vice versa every 68 seconds.

The heat store is made of cordierite ceramic from Austria and Germany. Compared to cheaper production materials, this type of ceramic meets high-quality standards and is particularly durable. Cordierite is made from natural resources, e.g. soap stone and clay. It withstands sudden changes in temperature as well as harsh temperatures during summer and winter. The robust and tear-resistant material is easy to clean and fire-proof. Other uses for technical components made from cordierite ceramic include pizza and oven stones.

A Ventoxx ventilation system with ceramic heat storage operates in four steps:

1) Used, stuffy air is usually between 20-23°C hot in the winter. This is due to the body heat of residents, heating up of electric devices, vapour from the washing machine etc. and obviously due to the heater. The warm air is extracted by the Ventoxx fan, it is lead through the ceramic heat storage and discharged on the outside of the building. The heat accumulator has a big surface of 2.4m2 and can store a lot of heat. That means thermal energy stays inside the ceramic unit.

2) After 68 seconds the heat accumulator has reached maximum capacity. The fan is automatically reversed and changes the direction of the airflow.

3) Fresh air from the outside is transported into the building. The cold air is heated up by the ceramic and up to 91% of the heat is recovered. The ceramic slowly cools down.

4) The direction of the airflow changes again after 68 seconds, the cycle begins anew from step 1.

Benefits and application of Ventoxx devices

  • Regulation of indoor climate, humidity, CO2, prevention of mould
  • High degree of heat recovery, up to 91%
  • No continuous heating required, cutting costs
  • Maximum consumption of 4.78W, standard consumption about 2 Watts
  • Decentralised ventilation, low installation costs
  • Automatic reverse function
  • Year-round use, operational temperatures of -20 to +50 °C
  • Filter for clean air (dust, germs, bacteria)
  • IP 33 protection
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Electric safety with low voltage
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Control via bluetooth or mobile phone will follow soon
  • Optional heat recovery

Supply and exhaust

Application of the Ventoxx RV range

Ventoxx ventilation systems with heat recovery a rated with an IP33 code, meaning they are protected against water ingress from spraying water, e.g. rain. That is why they are ideal for use in new buildings and retrofitting of old buildings. Four Ventoxx devices are enough to cover a low-energy house with a living space of about 80m2. A professional planner will assist you with the equipment, you can also get in touch with Ventoxx directly.

any room
buildings under construction
energy-efficient refurbishment
single rooms
entire buildings
ventilation without heat recovery in summer

In the summer the Ventoxx ventilation systems can be used without the heat recuperation feature. If the building becomes very hot, supply and exhaust air can be set to high level. All settings (for up to 4 devices) are selected on the Twist controller unit.

Appealing design

The Ventoxx RV ventilation systems are suitable for walls with various wall thickness. The required minimum thickness of the exterior wall or reveal is 100mm. It is not necessary to lay new piping in the room. It is recommended to mount the unit close to the ceiling.

For best results install pairs of ventilators that are mounted on opposite sides of the room with a minimum distance of 2 metres. Dividing room doors should be equipped with ventilation grilles or a bypass.

Unobtrusive design
The RV 25 is ideal for application in window (reveal). It is installed without an exterior hood.

Care and maintenance

The filters inside Ventoxx ventilators are durable and can be cleaned with water. The Twist controller unit activates an indicator light about every 3 months to remind you of cleaning. Replacing the filter completely is only required if the filter has been damaged. New filters are available in our online store.

The fan within the housing is dusted once a year with a soft cloth, sponge or brush.

Simple and efficient, Ventoxx.
If you have any questions about heat recovery, our creoven service team is happy to assist.

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