Centralised continuous ventilation unit VORT PENTA and VORT PENTA ES EP

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Centralised continuous ventilation unit VORT PENTA and VORT PENTA ES EP


Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt, 50 Hertz
  • Functionality: centralised extractor unit series VORT PENTA (up to 6 rooms (up to 190m² area) can be ventilated efficiently) 
  • Airflow can be adjusted to 15 or 30m³/h via regulator, exhaust port ø 125mm, supply air via external inlet
  • Housing: robust ABS synthetic material
  • Mounting bracket: 360° rotation, allows installation in any position
  • Model selectable: VORT PENTA and VORT PENTA ES EP (EC technology)
  1. VORT PENTA: 3 speed AC motor
  2. VORT PENTA ES EP: energy-saving, brushless direct current EC motor, 30 min. speed timer (after 30 min. operation at maximum speed, fan automatically slows down to minimum speed)
  • Motor: encapsulated, ball-bearing, thermal overload protection ensures continuous operation
  • Service life: long, trouble-free life, quiet operation with constant or on-demand flow rate 
  • Quality: low-noise, centrifugal impeller
  • Mounting options: easy to install, in any position (e.g. in basement, attic, utility room, boiler room, suspended ceiling) 
  • Control: 3 speed motor (day/night), alternatively continuously variable controller or step transformer (not for EC motor model) can be added
  • Capacity: Motor with balanced impeller ensures high airflow and pressure resistance 
  • Performance: Overall airflow up to 380m³/h on high speed and up to 200m³/h on low speed
  • Safety: IPX4 rating, insulation class II
  • Cleaning: easy access to impeller for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Connection: 5 ports on suction side (ø 80mm) and 1 port on exhaust side (ø 125 mm)
  • Delivery includes 2 airflow regulator (30m³/h) and one rotating mounting bracket (360°)
  • Weight: 4.00 kg

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions Centralised continuous ventilation unit VORT PENTA and VORT PENTA ES EP


Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) ø D (mm) ø E (mm)
Vort Penta 420 358 300 125 77.5
Vort Penta ES 420 358 300 125 77.5



Technical details


Max. airflow


Max. current consumption


Max. pressure

Pmax (Pa)

Max. power consumption


Max. sound level


Max. rotation speed


Max. ambient temperature for continuous operation


Vort Penta 340 0.34 240.1 73 31.9 2160 40
Vort Penta ES 380 0.31 275.5 35 43 2018 50


Optional accessories are available in our shop.



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