Vaxcel International

The family business Vaxcel International was founded in Taiwan in 1987 and is managed nowadays in cooperation with the Amercian office near Chicago. The company with first and second-generation executives look back on years of experience in the ceiling fan and lighting sector. Thanks to previously placing so much emphasis on this core segment, Vaxcel quality products have become popular on an international scale.


  • Company history and current events
  • The four brands
  • Aesthetics and functionality are our main goals – AireRyder ceiling fans
  • Technology of the future – LED lighting by Dualux® and Instalux® 

Company history and current events

Business founder Mr. Chen (on the right) at Vaxcel’s showroom on the Dallas International Lighting Show "Lightovation", 2017.

Like other successful companies Vaxcel International too has been founded based on the classic thought “I am going to do my own thing“. In 1987 former bank clerk Mr. Chen had the idea of a trading company that exclusively supplies the American market. Situated on the island of Taiwan – the perfect location for export articles – the business founder was confronted with the question how to improve and make a product useful for overseas. The extensive range of household goods formerly included tool kits, electric appliances and lighting. Soon it became apparent that most demand existed for light fixtures and ceiling fan lights, thus determining the core segment of the Vaxcel project. For instance, gold-finished outdoor light fixtures were extremely popular in the United States of the 1990s. Up to that point however, the models had not been weatherproof at all. By enhancing the final coating (first with gold, later with titanium) Mr. Chen was able to guarantee a life-long durability. The first major customer was the US American DIY chain store Menards (currently the retail giant counts about 350 stores in the Mid West). This marked the first big milestone for the ambitious and family-conscious company near China’s east cost. Today, Vaxcel International operates four famous brands and suppliers satisfied customers in America and large parts of Europe such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Even today many innovative ideas com from the founder himself who oversees the company headquarters in Taiwan with about 20 employees. The separate American branch office in Illinois was set up in 1993 and comprises 30 staff at the beginning of the year 2017. This is where the majority of the products are designed, though consultation with the collegues in Asia. Their local office has been established ca. 2002, another 75 members were recruited. Each year about 200 new products are introduced and presented to a broad audience on international fairs (as per 2017).

The four brands

The success of the Vaxcel brands AireRyder, Dualux® and Instalux® is ultimately based on exceedingly customer-oriented growth and strong family bond across two continents. The significance of the various brands is slightly different in each case, in the US the main business is lighting, in Europe ceiling fans account for the main sales volume.

In the US the Vaxcel brand itself is known as a specialist in indoor and outdoor lighting.

aireRyder stands for sleek fans with a focus on loving details, with and without lights.

The brand Dualux® comprises LED lights with motion sensors that can be applied in a variety of areas.

Lamps and light fixtures with motion sensors are part of the Instalux® range which also features special functions such as contact-free control of light colour and dimmers. The products include models for the end customer as well as Ingredient Branding components, meaning the first-class light fixtures can be installed in non-company related products made by another manufacturer.

So far, the marketing of every single product line is done by the distribution partners in the foreign countries. For example, in Europe this is mostly done online and by national distributors that sometimes supply the products to smaller resellers. At we are happy to present you the high-quality and extraordinary product lines in the English speaking region. 

Aesthetics and functionality are our main goals – AireRyder ceiling fans

In Europe the AireRyder brand is much more famous than it is on the originally targeted market – the USA. The fans for the European market are coordinated with the local preferences when it comes to design and appearance as the customers‘ taste in the US and in Europe tends to differ greatly.

⮩ Which criteria is more predominant on each market and what the wine barrel fan is all about is explained in our exclusive interview with Vaxcel’s US General Manager Heiko Mitzkus.

What makes the AireRyder ceiling fans so special is functionality on one hand, a trait the company attaches great importance to. Furthermore the artistic aspect is a focal point as well to ensure the fan fully becomes part of the interior and generates a nice ambience. Instead of offering a product that is only useful in the summer, AireRyder develops units that can be used all the year round: They cool in summer and recirculate warmth in winter by pushing warm air from the ceiling down into the room. The open contemporary design is reflected in blades with high-quality wooden finishes, soft lacquers or stark black and white contrasts.

Upon incorporating a new model into the product portfolio, the responsible people check if the fan has any additional benefit apart from its actual purpose. For example, the AireRyder Toledo fan with a propeller diameter of about 46 cm (18 inch) can be mounted to the wall if there is no space on the ceiling, e.g. if a ceiling light has put up already. The fan can be mounted in all corners, nooks and even to the ceiling, a sufficient airflow is guaranteed in any position. It is suitable for small rooms where a conventional fan would be too big and obtrusive. This kind of versatility is characteristic for the AireRyder product line. They are a decorative lifestyle accessory, useful domestic appliance as well as a contribution to preserving resources – all in one single unit. The offered models are furthermore available at a very competitive price that is not unreasonably high like despite their sophisticated aesthetic. This pricing is a conscious decision of AireRyder to make sure their elaborately decorated, functional and unusual products are accessible to everyone. This basic principle will be adhered to in the future as well, true to the motto: "never change a winning team".

The peril of modern commerce

At one point a model that is very similar to the aforementioned unusual ceiling fan Toledo showed up in the product range of another manufacturer. The management of Vaxcel does not take this case too seriously since there is no real threat for the business. However, the company learned from this initial mistake and, despite being ready for an open and honest exchange, puts emphasis on the keeping the brand exclusive. The safest solution for this problem is a patent that protects both the technology as well as the design.

Always evolving: eFAN ceiling fan

Even if the basic concept is certain, there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to designing the ceiling fan and adding loving details. Afterwards, the products are adapted constantly to technological progress and aesthetic guidelines. For instance, the AireRyder wall and ceiling fan eFan was introduced to the market in the year 2001 with four blue impellers. The second version already appears more reduced, yet still remains a playful visual nature. The current model with a modern DC (direct current) motor has an impressive sophisticated design and achieves outstanding results when it comes to the airflow. The one special feature is still prevalent: a rotating housing that is powered by the two outer motors.

Technology of the future – LED lighting by Dualux® and Instalux®

The next stage of development for Vaxcel is the extension and strenghening of the Dualux® and Instalux® brands on the American as well as the European market. Further high-quality LED lights with a unique technology for indoors and outdoors are planned, too. Investing in durable and energy-saving LED technology is a welcome trend that is also reflected in the AireRyder ceiling fan line with lighting.

Characteristics of the LED light fixtures and lamps by Vaxcel

  • operated by infrared motion sensor
  • dimmable LED lamp
  • different colour temperatures can be adjusted
  • low energy consumption
  • no glare
  • no visible diodes
  • long service life
  • elegant design
  • customer focus: “smart“ light fixtures and lamps for everyday use
  • guaranteed safety, e.g. with “Safe Exit“ feature