Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube for humidifier, evaporator, air washer

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Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube for humidifier, evaporator, air washer

Countless homes are equipped with an air humidifier nowadays. Dry indoor air occurs particularly during that time of the year that requires use of the radiator or fireplace, and affects the physical well-being of many people. Unfortunately, humidifiers and air washers are also prone to infestation by germs and bacteria. The damp insides of the devices are an ideal breeding ground for contamination which is then dispensed into the air. The Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube fights germs and bacteria directly from the inside of the units and cleans the water to ensure hygienic breathing air.

The constant release of silver ions prevents the growth of germs and bacteria and makes sure the water inside the tank stays sanitary. At the same time the cube prevents odours, therefore providing a continuous feeling of freshness and cleanliness. The Ionic Silver Cube is simply placed into the water of the device and automatically begins to work its magic upon touching the liquid. Enjoy the benefits of your air humidifier and air washer without having to worry about hygiene. 


Dimensions and technical details

  • Takes effect immediately upon touching water
  • Use with Stadler Form products or products made by other manufacturers
  • Suitable for Stadler Form humidifiers with ultrasound (Anton, Eva), evaporators (Oskar) and air washers (Robert) 
  • Patented Swiss Technology: prevents growth of bacteria and germs, permantently dispense silver ions

Stadler Form Humidifier Oskar in various colours

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