In the branch of insect repellants MOEL sets new standards because not only efficient protection from insects, but also the lowest possible impact on the environment are the ambitious goals the brand has set for itself. Behind this there is a company philosophy that goes from the selection of the used raw materials, to the manufacturing process and the use to the recycling of worn out or broken devices.

All products are designed to have the greatest possible efficiency and lowest material input while holding the pollution of environment and resources as low as possible. Of course, the usability of the products plays an important role because nobody needs devices that go easy on the environment but are inefficient. Yet MOEL turns away from from the use of toxic chemicals. One of their recipes of success is probably the fact that all devices are designed especially for their respective area of application in order to ensure ideal results. 

To make the right use of MOEL prodcuts easier for the end customer, the business focuses on detailed description in writing and pictures on the packaging. For example diagrammes help to find the right position for the device. Here the company also consistently holds onto their own principles, because even the packaging is made of recycable materials. During the planning phase of a new product MOEL often works together with universities and incorporates entomologic research results and field experiments into the development process as questions after prodcut safety and health of the user.

Whereas most companies put their dominant focus on the economic factor, the inventors at MOEL continuously ask themselves the same base question: How can an efficient product be designed with a low materials input and reduced strains on the environment that leaves no health damage for the user. The brand consciously refrains from using electro magnetic waves, chemicals or damaging toxins. Before a new product is established on the market it has to endure strict examinations and official inspections which allows MOEL to guarantee a high standard of safety, quality and environmental sustainability. This surely makes products of the MOEL brand a choice for conscious consumers.