JVD – French Producer of Hygiene and Hotel Equipment

In the French city of Rezé, vis-à-vis the island Île de Nantes surrounded by the river Loire, you will find the chic headquarters and production facilities of the JVD company. JVD is a manufacturer of electric appliances for hotels and hygiene, e.g. automatic hand dryers.

This video gives you an insight into the branches of design, production, warehousing and logistics of JVD.


  • JVD company history
  • Electric design with a French Touch
  • Electric hand dryers, future-oriented systems
  • JVD and conservation

JVD headquarters in Rezé

The closest bigger city would be Nantes which is currently undergoing an economical and cultural boom. Company JVD too continues to grow and introduced a new look in 2018 to match the elegant design of their products.


In our creoven store you will find hair dryers, hand dryers, soap dispensers as well as flykillers for public spaces and sanitary facilities. The brand has already supplied countless large projects with equipment, including the stadium in Bordeaux, the airport Palma de Mallorca, various shopping centres and the British Intercity Express. A focal point is the furnishing of hotels of all ratings including 5-star and higher, such as the Marina Bay in Singapore. Your benefit when ordering in our online store: Products are delivered within ca. a week.

History of the JVD business in the Loire valley

  • 1984: Business foundation
  • 1988: First hand dryer
  • 1991: First hair dryer (with Moulinex)
  • 1996: Assembly lines established on French factory premises
  • 1997: In-house branches for construction, research and development
  • 1999: Subsidiary JVD ASIA
  • 2006: French design branch and integral planning
  • 2012: Patented hand dryer EXP'AIR
  • 2015: Subsidiary JVD America
  • 2018: New visual identity including logo

JVD Managing Director Thierry Launois.
⮩ Click here for an interview with the Electric Handdryer Association (eHA)

The extensive product range of JVD comprises hygiene products and hotel equipment, e.g. hand dryers, soap dispenser and hair dryers. Thanks to different subsidiaries and warehouse locations the brand is now represented in 80 countries and well-known in the industry. The business also frequently takes part in international trade fairs.

The products Made in France are best characterised by superior quality and immediate reaction to customer request. Customised details like adding the customer’s own logo are yet another popular service offered by JVD. Listing closely to individual requests and feedback is what has made JVD so successful. The wonderful after-sales service is also very appreciated. If a hotelier equips an establishment in cooperation with JVD, a trusty contact is needed in the external company for many years. The delivery of spare parts and filters must be done quickly and without any problems no matter where the supplier’s assembly lines are located. Accessibility and custom-tailored solutions greatly contribute to JVD’s popularity. Design, development and assembly of the products is done on-site in France which is why quality assurance and quick reaction to changes on the market are so good. Management attaches great value to quality in production rather than trying to secure competitive edge by producing in low-wage countries.

Location Rezé:

  • Research, development, design, assembly, warehousing, export department, handling customer requests


  • Spain, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Mexico

Electric design with a French Touch

JVD is the first manufacturer in France that developed a market for hygiene and hotel accessories. The public image of the business was pepped up in 2018. French flair, highly admired in terms of lifestyle and haute-couture, now becomes part of sanitary equipment, too. The design department aligns projects with studies, their own market research and by keeping a close eye on current trends. Experienced employees on-site and state-of-the-art computer software allow for innovation to happen time and again.

JVD logo since the company’s foundation and new in 2018

Electric hand dryers, system of the future

17 trees are chopped down to produce one ton of paper. On a global scale three million hectare of forest vanishes every single year. Does drying hands really justify this enormous loss? The unfavourable ecological footprint left by paper towels is further increased by CO2 emission created during transport.

If you are looking to replace your paper towel dispenser, decide in favour of progress and hygiene! The problem with waste disposal and frequent refilling of paper towels will disappear, saving you costs for material and labour. Even if it is necessary to implement new electric wiring, the investment still pays off quickly when considering savings in paper towels. Furthermore, touch-free hand dryers are a cleaner solution: there is no direct contact with the device and no wet papers need to be picked up from the floor.

The ergonomic opening in the front of the EXP’AIR is easily accessible for everyone including small children and wheelchair users. The design of JVD products is done by a team in France. Design: elegant, sophisticated, and it has that “French Touch“.

Benefits of electric hand dryers (technical features depend on the model):

  • Easy to install
  • Clever, French design for your establishment
  • Vandal-proof, impact protection ratings up to IK10
  • Drying time as short as 10 seconds
  • Some models feature copper filters or filter for suspended matter
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Water collecting tray
  • Slim construction for any room
  • Easily accessible for small children and people with handicaps
  • Several colours available to match any interior
  • No refilling of paper required, no used papers on the floor and in the sink
  • Superior efficiency thanks to electric hand drying
  • Sustainable (compared to paper towels)


  • Public buildings
  • Sanitary facilities in administrative or office buildings
  • Shopping centres, stores
  • Restaurants, hotels
  • Public swimming pools, gyms
  • Airports, stations, resting places
  • Stadiums, sporting facilities

Manufacturer’s recommendation:
Places with infrequent traffic of less than 50 uses per day should be equipped with cold air hand dryers, pulsed air dryers and even hot air dryers. The use of paper towel dispenser is also an option since they are still cost-efficient and ecologically acceptable (recycled paper) when used seldomly. The common rate of visitors in public bathrooms ranges from 50 to 250 uses daily. In this case the implementation of a paper towel system is already expensive and wasteful in terms of handling natural resources. When it comes to 250 and 400 uses per day it is much more economic to chose a pulsed air hand dryer, and more than 400 visitors call for a brushless or induction motor to reach economical and ecological balance.

JVD and conservation: Buy a hand dryer, plant a tree

Amongst others, JVD also produced paper towel dispenser while keeping the problem with expendables in mind. Since 2017 management has spoken out publically against deforestation of woods. Ever since then JVD finances a reforestation project in Indonesia together with the international Non-Profit Organisation Planète Urgence.

The archipelagic state is one of the world’s most populous areas. The effects of climate change, rising sea level and continuously devastating forest fires put the population in great danger. Furthermore, palm oil plantations eliminate the species-rich jungles. JVD is dedicated to protecting and reviving conservation areas. Taking ecological measures also helps to secure food for millions of people and offer a workplace for countless labourers.

By choosing a JVD hand dryer your are choosing sustainability. Each purchase of an electric hand dryer from the Air range results in the plantation of one seedling. The company’s goal is to take responsibility for active conservation. The same applies if you purchase a model through our shop.
Electric hand dryers with a heater element are the best alternative to paper towel dispensers. They consume little energy, emit less CO2 and have almost no expendable materials.

Electric units powered by renewable resources are our future. Begin furnishing your buildings with innovate accessories today.