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Evaporator cassettes for Stadler Form Oskar range

• ensure ideal performance and output • for humidifiers / evaporators Stadler Form Oskar, Oskar Little and Oskar Big

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Dimensions and technical details

  • Ensure ideal performance and output of the Stadler Form Oskar, Oskar Little and Oskar Big humidifiers
  • Choose pack size: 2-pack set (for Oskar, Oskar Little) and 4-pack set (for Oskar Big)
  • Dimensions: 22.0 x 17.0 x 4.0cm
  • Antibacterial treatment keeps material clean and hygienic
  • Recommended replacement: every two months

Dry air can lead to a variety of medical conditions and even cause the body to dry out and age at an accelerated pace. The Stadler Form Oskar humidifier range – consisting of Oskar, Oskar Little and Oskar Big – can be used to ensure a balanced humidity level at home, thereby restoring physical and mental well-being.

In order to maintain optimum output and performance of the Oskars the replacement cassettes / spare filters are used. You can choose from two different sets depending on your Stadler Form evaporator. The Oskar and Oskar Little require the set of 2 filters, the Oskar Big needs the set of 4. Thanks to the antibacterial treatment the material is kept hygienically clean, it is sufficient to replace the cassettes every two months.

These Stadler Form spares allow you to provide ideal humidity in your home at all times.

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