Energy-saving ventilation system TwinFresh Standard series R-50, RA-50, S-60, SA-60 IP24

• quiet operation (13-33 dBA) • protection: IP24 • model selectable, with or without wall control

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Model selectable: 
    1. R-50, S-60 (without wall control), 
    2. RA-50, SA-60 (with wall control)
  • Efficient single-room ventilation (fresh air supply, air extraction in rooms with up to 50 m²) 
  • Removes dust, germs and bacteria from the air
  • Prevents high humidity levels and mould growth
  • Heat recovery and humidity control in a single room
  • Reduces costs for heating and air conditioning
  • High-tech ceramic energy accumulator recovers up 90% energy
  • Reversible energy-saving fan (axial fan) with EC motor (direct current) ensures low energy consumption between 2.8 and 6.1 Watt and safe voltage 12 Volt
  • Quiet operation (13-33 dBA)
  • Max. transported air temperature (°C): -20 to +50
  • Simple mounting (different wall thickness) and maintenance
  • Filter class G3 filters ensure clean air
  • Stylish front grille made of ABS material (white)
  • Outer hood made of polymer coated aluminium (white)
  • Integrated louver shutters 
  • Continuous operation
  • No deposits due to condensation (outher hood transports the condensation away from the wall and prevents water from infiltrating)
  • Settings: 2 speed levels 
  • Model RA-50 and SA-60 include a wall control / transformer (12W TRF 220/12-12 transformer is capable of powering up to 4 ventilation systems)
  • Model R-50 and S-60 without wall control 
  • TwinFresh R-50 (S-60) can be used to support TwinFresh RA-50 (SA-60) in bigger rooms with dimensions of 25 m² and above
  • Three TwinFresh R ventilation systems (without wall control / transformer) can be connected to one control and power unit, e.g. TwinFresh RA (with wall control / transformer). No additional tools are required. 
  • The integrated control unit regulates the rotation speeds and operating modes 
  • Protection: IP24
  • Ideal for extension, renovation and new construction in single rooms within residential, administrative, social and commercial buildings

The ventilation system has two operating modes:

- Supply / extraction of air (reversible, the system operates either in supply or in extraction mode) 

- Regeneration (the system operates in reverse with energy recovery)

Cycle I: Warm air is extracted from the room. The extracted air warms and dampens the heat accumulator (up to 90% thermal energy is transferred) 

Cycle II: Fresh air streams through the heat accumulator and absorbs the stored heat and humidity until the room temperature is reached.

The cycles alternate every 70 seconds.


Energy-saving ventilation system TwinFresh Standard series cycles




TwinFresh R-50 (without wall control)

TwinFresh RA-50 (with wall control)

with 2 speed levels

TwinFresh S-60 (without wall control)

TwinFresh SA-60 (with wall control)

with 2 speed levels

Power (W)

3.5 / 4.6 2.8 / 4.8

Current consumption (A)

0.02 / 0.025 0.018 / 0.028
Airflow (m³/h) 25 / 50 35 / 58
Rotation speed (rpm) 570 / 1100 1150 / 2100
Sound pressure (dBA), 1 m distance 24 / 34 34 / 41
Sound pressure (dBA), 3 m distance 14 / 24 24 / 29
Air duct size (mm) Ø 150 164 x 164


Dimensions in mm

TwinFresh R-50 / RA-50                                 TwinFresh S-60 / SA-60

Ventilation system TwinFresh Standard series R-50, RA-50, S-60, SA-60 dimensions


  TwinFresh Comfo ventilation systems (with remote control) are also available in our shop. 

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